My daughter has cancer and I DON’T CARE!

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This is Sean Michael Willford of Elko/Spring Creek Nevada.
He has beat the record for Deadbeat Dad’s by refusign to provide basic health care or insurance for his 15 year old daughter who was diagnosed last July.
Sean owes (as of July 20th, 2011) $102,557.30 in child support.
I could tell a harrowing tale of what a creep this guy is, but at the end of the day, he is just a loser.
He says nothing.
He does nothing.
He pays nothing.
He just doesn’t care.
He never attended any of his children’s school events or graduations.
He does not send even a postcard for birthdays or other special occasions.
The lst time he showed his face in court was to levy totally crazy, false charges against my husband and myself.
The charges were unwarranted, even false, and he lost any custody that we shared.
My children do not care to see him at this point, except my 20 year old son who helps hid his father.
He lives at home with his mother and step father at almost 42 years of age.
He works under the table for his mom’s cleaning business “Top Notch Janitorial” in Spring Creek , NV. This way he doesn’t have to pay ANY support for those pesky kids!
About once every few years, he kicks down with a gift card for Walmart.
His stories are always so pathetic….
Since he has his mom, and hsi two older sisters, and his felon brother in law to protect him, Sean will likely never do the right thing.

He is an alcoholic who would rather spend his money on rescue dogs and guitar equipment.
Since he is quiet and soft spoken, most people don’t even notice his existence. Sadly, he is probably robbing them blind.

Thank God he had a vasectomy in 1996, so there aren’t any more kids out there with his DNA.
I am the lucky one, I had the good fortune of raising beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious human beings.
Sean, if you’re reading this, I hope you take a minute to evaluate your actions.
You have my PO box, you know where to find me. You’d better not let anything happen to our 20 year old son. I’m not very happy that you suckered him into coming up there to take care of you You don’t deserve him, you did nothing to help raise him.

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