My Father, Aaron Thomas, The Sperm Donor.

Posted on : 09-09-2011 | By : disconnected712 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Illinois


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My father, Aaron Thomas, has left me and my mother struggling through life. He hasn’t really had anything to do with me in four months. In June, he walked out of my life. He was texting an unknown female that month, and he is now living someplace that I have no idea of. I am a teenage girl [13] living with my mother, and my mother is unemployed. My mother constantly struggles to pay the bills. What is even WORSE is that my father left my unemployed mother and I without a car. We have had to walk in that horrible heat wave that hit Illinois in July of this year to get groceries with the very little unemployment money that my mom gets every two weeks.

A neighbor of ours drove us to social services, and we get only about $150 a month in food stamps. This is between me and my mother. My father said that he wouldn’t abandon us, and that he would buy us food and help us, despite the fact that he and my mother were getting separated. He hasn’t bought us food since May. My mother and I have survived on barely any food at times. My father has one other child whom he left with another wife when the child was 1 1/2 years old. That other child is my half brother that I do not know. I was told by a family friend that my half brother is turning 20 this year.

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