Nathaniel Culp of Montrose

Posted on : 21-01-2011 | By : NAC05111977 | In : Colorado, Deadbeat Dads


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Nathaniel Culp age 33 is a Deadbeat Father of 3 girls. He currently owes $20421.00 in arrears. He lost custody rights of his daughters in Jan 2008 after a Domestic Violence against his ex wife. In March 2008 he was order to begin providing child support. He works under the table and was last reported to be living in Denver, fleeing Montrose after a Domestic Violence against his other ex wife in which he choked her and now has a Permanent Civil Protection Order against him. He is a repeated Domestic Violence Offender. He works under the table so child support cannot garnish him. He was last known to be attending Pinnacle Career Institute Online in Oct 2010 to become a Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician. He owes $8000.00 to Montrose County in restitutions of court fees. He does not file income tax so it can’t be taken for support payment either. He is emotionally, psychically and mentally abusive . He is only allowed supervised visits of his children because of his abusive behavior. His children struggle without his financial support.

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