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Posted on : 25-02-2011 | By : patricia | In : Canada, Deadbeat Dads


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this man has 2 kids with me i walked out 15 years ago he never ever paid child support he bought us a house and a month before CHRISTMAS my kids were only 3 and 6 a sheriff showed up and said we had to be out because our LANDLORD aka my kids father wanted us out he watched us walk up the street and came in the house and took all our furniture right down to the sheets and blankets from the kids beds!! i gave the child support place his social insurance number andall his info and the said they cant look at his social insurance number because he deserves his pivacy! my daughter called him and told him we were homeless we werent but he hung up and changed his phone number thats the last time we heard from him !

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He bought you a house, you walked out on him, you tried to extort him with your daughter, and now you are upset? You sound like a white-trash hoochie momma. How many kids do you have now? Sounds like he got out just in time, you so trailer-park!!!

Yes i did walk out on him because he abused me. So he didnt have to pay child support he bought OUR kids a home kids that he has never had anything to do with and a home that he took away along with everything in it and my daughter has her own mind i did not do anything to her she was 17 at the time so if she wanted to call him that was her decision. and as for being a “hoochie” i have 2 kids both by him so maybe you should get the story straight before you run your mouth you low life.

that’s how they get him by his SIN number. It’s not a privacy issue. I believe what they told you was ” we cannot use his SIN to find him if he’s not working”.

no he is working hes an accountant , the girl told me they could not track him by his sin number because its a privacy issue

I hope u nail the asshole Patricia!!!, i too am chasing a deadbeat who thinks he can run and hide and does not have to obey court orders!!…so very sad!!

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