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Stephen Lyle Arnold who lives in Liberty Texas is the worse man I have ever known. Not only does he have a gorgeous son and daughter he never sees he doesn’t pay support for either. His son’s mother and I never knew each other before he got me pregnant. She and I “teamed up” together to protect our kids from him. He is such a sweet talker and manipulative. He seems perfect until you get to know the real him. He has repeatedly said again and again how he doesn’t give a damn about his kids. I could go on for hours but I just want to put it out there so the next innocent girl he picks may at least have a heads up.
BTW got my 1st child support check ….

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You should consider yourself lucky. My ex gets the donut hole.

With the money you can buy some lottery tickets, who knows, if God loves you, you would get lucky and win several millions.

I know Stephen!! He used to date my best friend back in the day. He is a controlling, manipulative, lazy, good for nothing jerk. He will never change. Stay away from him ladies!!

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I am the mother of two children to this man and I wrote the original post. I understand that a lot of people think that this is tacky and immature and I assure you in a lot of ways I do to. However, my only goal in posting this so many years ago was to prevent other women and children from being hurt. I do not think people understand the depths that this man will go to just get a free ride. Even after all he did to my daughter and I I was convinced he loved me and we got back together. He begged me for a second child and bailed on that one too. He is addicted to drugs and alcohol. He hides it so well until finally it consumes him which took about 9 months until I finally smart enough to figure it all out. He has an assault charge wich ladies if you try hard enough you can find. It was because he broke my phone so I could not call for help and would not stop attacking me while I was pregnant with our son. I barely made it out of my apartment to call for help. When the police arrived he was outside yelling for me and looked so crazy the police immediately handcuffed him. No he has no degree. He didn’t even make it through boot camp in the army. His mom is actually crazy you can believe that. And at any point in time I will let him see his children supervised like the court order says so don’t listen to his “i love them so much but she wont let me see them bull crap.” but he has ansolutely no interest in his children and never has. Many times he and I fought over him trying to abuse my daughter. I say my daughter because he’s never been a dad to either children. He does not care and he will say whatever you want to hear to simply use you until you run out of resources and then he will leave you in the dirt. I’ve seen him do it to 4 women in the past 4 years myself not included. It’s pretty sad how all these girls want to seek me out and contact me and start shit but then when it all goes south you want to be my best friend…. doesn’t work like that. Just be warned ladies, he will never change or he would have changed for my kids or another child he has with another woman before me. I have showed him mercy time after time after time. I forgave over 5 grand of back child support, I have given him somewhere to go so many times I can’t count, and I’ve lost thousands of dollars including everything I own and a car.

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