New Meaning to the Word Deadbeat

Posted on : 24-09-2010 | By : frustartedmama79 | In : Deadbeat Dads


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This deadbeat dad is the lowest of the low and should be ashamed to even consider himself a member of the human race. He hasn’t been active in my children lives since we separated 7 years ago. I’ve been playing the role of both mom and dad and that’s perfectly fine by me. What I don’t appreciate is this deadbeat proclaiming to the world that he is a good father when he does nothing for his kids. He considers his contribution of $40 a week as a substantial amount to aid in their care. Recently he told my oldest that he didn’t call her on her birthday to wish her a happy birthday because she or her sisters didn’t call him on father’s day. Since then they have asked not to communicate with him because they are fed up with the way he treats them when he does make attempts to communicate. There is always an excuse as to why he can’t or won’t do something. I have never spoke ill of him in the presence of my children because I believe they should form their own opinions of him for themselves. His own actions or lack their of have led my kids to request that they not have anything to do with him. He frequently brings up my boyfriend and complains of him being a father figure to my children but my thing is, if you don’t want to do it don’t get upset because a man has stepped up to do what you refuse to do. I am a firm believer that parents do not have to remain together to raise their children. Two mature adults are more than capable of raising well-rounded children. It’s the deadbeats like this degenerate that leave our babies to grow up fatherless. Anybody can make a baby but it takes a real person to be a parent!

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