Newest member to his baby momma club

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this man is a TRUE DEABEAT! he has 6 kids now and one on the way. I married him in Feb 2010 and we had a son together. 3m after our son was born i got pregnant again and 4 m into the pregnancy he walks out. He first child is a 17yo son with his first wife that live in texas. his second child is a daughter that for most of her life he denied even being his even though she looks just like him! she and her mother live in Indiana. His 3 and 4 children (daughter, and a son) live in texas as well with their mother. his 5th is a son who lives with his mother in La. Now as his wife who he has abandoned and is living off a mere $500 a month unemployment due to being laid off because of my current pregnancy was forced to file support. when i was issued a case number on him the OAG sent letters out to the other mothers stating their rear-age in child support. i have spoke with 3 of the 4 mothers and just their combined totals where near 200,000 in back child support he owes. he works at a job where his boss has in on payroll as making $350 wk salary $175 of which is divided among the 4 mothers giving them a total of a little over $40wk. i know for a fact having been with him a little over a year that his boss pays cash under the table for anything he makes over the $350 and some weeks he makes as much as $850. If this man comes onto you DO NO TOUCH HIM! HE CAN AND WILL GET YOU PREGNANT WITHIN 1-3 MONTHS

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