Nicholas Daniel Schafer

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Decides which child he chooses to support!! Has spent a total of 15 minutes with his son. Got married a week before his first childs 1st birthday and just had another kid. Good luck to the dumb girl who married him!!

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You sound bitter, woman. Who are you, to presume to teach a man about fatherhood? You used your child to trap this man, but it went against you and that makes you angry. Rather, thank him for he gave you a beautiful boy, and let him be, for he owes you and your child nothing.

Maybe you should get get to the church a little more often, and take to heart the advice of the preacher, and the advice of your parents. You’ve done wrong, and now you must taste the bitter, before you can taste the sweet again. But continue to be obstinate and money hungry, and not learn your lesson, and the pain will get worse and worse. Don’t put your trust in the government, getting you some measly child support, put your faith in the Lord and in your two arms.

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Thank you so much!

Sounds like my daughters father!!!

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