Posted on : 22-08-2011 | By : TJmom0317 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Illinois


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This dude and I been married for 2 horrible years and we planned on having our son which we did and this nigga walk out on his wife and son for a homeless girl who lives in a shelter…. LOL… First off u have no job and u have no place to go bcuz ur wife provided everything for u and u fuck that up for a girl who aint got shit now u living on couch to couch on anybody who will take u in… But ur triflin ass dont want to see ur son or do anything for him since u so called got money now… But not only that he doesnt do shit for neither of his kids this nigga make babies and run u fuckin deadbeat the bitch gone get what he deserve and thats none of his kids callin him daddy or them even liking him… He doesnt see any of his kids, but kno he will make more and run on them too… But kno u fucked ur self in the end…

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