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This guy is a “father” who according to his facebook only wants to play video games and softball. As of today he owes $90,081.11. For only two children and he is only required to pay $600 a month so you can see how long its been since he paid anything. He can afford to buy all the cool toys he wants for him and them when they visit him but the medical coverage he is supposed to be providing….NOPE….half the cost of the medical and dental bills…..NOPE…..half of child care while the mom WORKS…..NOPE. The most that has been squeezed out of him is a little help towards sports and he thinks showing up at the kids games is apparently all the support they need. The kids could use a better role model. We find it very hard to believe his mother enables him and allows him to sit on her couch all day at 30 years old. He hasn’t had a job in who knows how long and of course even when he does find something he quits before child support can catch up to him. You’d think he would be going to a trade school during this “down time” but NOPE! just playing video games. He blames his unemployment on his felony the felony he received for domestic violence on the mother which he also blames on the mother. As I was saying, we find it very hard to believe even his mother would put up with this nonsense so if anyone knows if he is working under the table please do the right thing and report him to the California Child Support Department. The wonderful boys he helped bring into this world deserve so much better then him. He is from Oceanside CA and his name is David Adrian Garcia he is 30 yrs old.

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Looks like he’s been spending all of his money on Twinkies.

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