On the run for over 9 years…

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Do you know Dustin Raye Wiles? Maybe you know Micheal I. Weiser or M I Weiser? Perhaps Dustin Sheehan owes you money? These are all the same person. He was born in Florida and grew up in Ocala. His birthday is in April 1972. He has two children that he abandoned before they were ever born. My son is 7 and his other daughter is 9. He’s currently behind on his child support. He’s a criminal and if you search Marion County records in Florida you’ll see a lot of what he’s done. His last known address was in Marietta, Georgia. He may currently be living near Lake Lanier. He does freelance work in real estate and has also been known to work on computers (IT work). His girlfriend is Sherri Lynn Sheehan, and a few of his friends are Stephen Williams and Troy Grant. His sisters are Camala Wiles and Megan Wiles. His father is Ray Wiles and his step mom is Deborah Wiles. None of them claim to have any contact with him.

He’s a criminal and karma is gonna be a bitch when it finally catches up with him. :)

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It looks like karma is catching up with you, no? You are the one who is suffering. You can’t keep a man satisfied, did you give him oral daily, I ask, like any good wife?

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