Oscar Apolinar Sanchez Medina

Posted on : 23-08-2010 | By : espinklisa | In : Deadbeat Dads, Washington


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This MFer cheated on me with my sister and about 20 other easy women!!! I gave him 3 children and worked 2 full time jobs to make ends meet while he cheated on me and stayed at home doing drugs pretending to be sick so he wouldn’t have to work!!!! He hit me and the kids and then tried to blame on everyone and their momma as to his trauma!!! He owes about $10k in back child support if not more and had the gull to make a deposit to his kids in the amount of $1.77 last month stating he was in a work related accident and could not work meanwhile he’s posting pics of himself and one of his skeazers in Mexico on vacation having a GRAND time!!!!His DOB is 1/3/1981 and lives in Mt Vernon, WA he hometown states he’s from Seattle, WA, but don’t be fooled he’s straight up WETBACK from Guadalajara Mexico!!!!..Ladies please be sure that this guys is a ROYAL DUCHE BAG!!!!! The 3 kids I gave him were not enough he has about 3 more with different ladies and has also cheated on his last wife with her sister too…..

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I know this IDIOT!!! He has traumatized my sister and her kids!!! Now he’s trying to locate them to see what she’s up to because the poor kids want nothing to do with him…He tries to act like a pimp and player and needs to worry about paying his child support!!! DUCHE BAGS like this don’t deserve to walk the EARTH!!!

I was in a relationship with this guy and just found out after i left him that he has slept with all of his nieces and a couple of his nephews and aunts in Mexico, it’s believed a couple of the kids he has are due to INCEST…This TERD needs to be sent to prison!

$1.77 deposit to buy what, a piece of gum cuz that is about all you going to get with that? He is a dumbas* and a Loser!!! He needs to go to prison!!!

wow the male is gross…sleeping with family?? geezzz

Did he go to Cleveland High School in Seattle. I think I went to school w/ him.

Hey this right here is my,, uncle come on he’s a PIMP what can i say this guy right here gets girls left and right yeah i know he like;s to be sexy so dont trip chocolate chip , See I know what yall thinkin Smooth lookin uncle Handsome as his father and beautiful as his mother no problem wit the ladies soon as he done wit one he lookin for another one . jeje

jajaja i dont think he is that guy youa re talking about i think that this hore is pissed because she is not with him anymore. poor girl do something with your life and stop burning him espinklisa te vez bien ardida seƱora o and bye the way he is a pimp thats wye he is not with you anymore hes to much for you and you know it lisa

DAMNN SHUT UP al the things publicated on whaty lisa said is true and even more and what haha he is soo not a pimp he is a pig what kind of man is a pimp being with so many women. And its true he is cheating on his last wife with her sister and is that what you call being a pimp that guy isnt worth a penny. He is a stupid man whore and more stupid the wife and the sister and/or all the other girls who fight for him! eewww thats nasty


He is a good man, religious and with the fear of God. The lord has bestowed favor on this one.

Jack boot just seems to pop up everywhere doesn’t he….thanks for the enlightening religious comment your real name must be Mathew 23

espinklisa ur a liar oscar is not a dushbag hes not a bad dad hes a realy good dad and he has always been there for his kids and he aint no man hoe the only hoe here is you honey .!!!
you really need to grow the fuck up and stop playing games you have 4 kids and a boyfriend that u like beat up on ur kids while u just sit and smoke weed … u have 3 different babydaddys and one of them is oscars nephew ur a gold digger bitch u need to have some respect for ur self to letting ur dumb ass boyfriend hit ur kids for 7 years for no good reason dammm puta u really needa get ur shit to !!!!

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