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Posted on : 23-03-2011 | By : susieq | In : Deadbeat Dads, Ohio


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I have this friend whose ex husband is over 25 thousand behind in child support. He has taken her to court multiple times for things ranging from him wanting custody to him disagreeing with how much child support he should pay. It is ridiculous! His name is Wayne Rucker and he lives in Union, Ohio. About the only good thing he seems to do is see his kids almost every weekend. But I can’t say that’s all good either as he bullies them into saying things they don’t mean. For example, they have said they want to live with him, but then turn around and cry all week that they don’t want to go and see him. All in the same week!!! It’s crazy because she has taken people with her to pick up the kids and he calls her names in front of the kids. Bad names. Like bi#$% and c$#. I ran into him one time before I knew they were separated and asked how she was doing. He had the kids with him and started saying all kinds of bad stuff about their mother in front of them. The worst part is that the state seems to not care that he’s doing all this. Every time they’re in court, whatever she says, he and his cohort of people all say she’s lying. There is no justice! They should take his license or something! I wish I could post his picture, but I don’t have one. He is like 5′ 11″ or so, bald, and has a big gut. I guess you might say he’s around maybe 240-250??? But I’m just guessing. I do know he owes her over 25 thousand dollars. He used to really bother her by acting like a jerk, but now it only upsets the kids. He doesn’t even see the damage he’s doing to his relationship with them. They say what they think he wants to hear just so he quits bullying them. It’s so so sad.

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