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My ex-husband, Patrick W Gleason, resides at 4359 N Capistrano Drive,Dallas,Texas.

He owes 63,600.00 in back pay child support and has been court ordered to pay since our divorce in 1998.

He orginially owed more but interest was taken off balance since it was turned it into a judgement so that it can never be dismissed or dropped. He currently has a warrant for his arrest in Colorado for child support.

I have been dealing with OAG, Texas Child Support and have gotten nowhere. No issue for warrant or new court date, nothing. He has been sent demand letters for payment which he ignores. Employment location is impossible since he works under the table and files no taxes. He has been turned into the IRS (investigations pending).

He has been to court but the judges just give him warnings and he is told to start paying. He once again walks away a free man to continue his life as he pleases. He still has the freedom to do as he chooses. Still has the freedom to drive. His license should have been revoked a long time ago. He should be sitting in jail without bail of any kind until child support is paid in full.

Very disappointed with the Child Support Office and the judges dealing with this case. It is frustrating when nothing seems to get accomplished and settled. Child Support is supposedly in the process of getting his license revoked – seems to be taking forever.

He thinks that I will give up eventually – NEVER!! If I have to wait to Collect his SSN or whatever – so be it!! Can’t run and hide anymore – he is too old for that.

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I understand where you are coming from. My ex currently is behind$3,200 and nothing is being done as well. I live in Virginia and he in North Carolina. He keeps going to court and getting a slap on the wrist. When are these judges finally going to wake up and realize the ones they are hurting are the kids. Every bit of money I did get from child support went to my son. I will be praying for you and hopefully things will look up for you

I soooo understand your frustrations. I must have divorced your ex’s double. Mine owes well over $100,000.00. Long story short….He’s living as pretty as you please. No jail, nothing, nothing, nothing. They keep telling me to report it, turn it in. Then what!!! They dont want to deal with him. I dont understand either. I think the whole system is full of it. He has not paid since spring of 2009. I wish I could say something to give us all hope. I wish I could say something good about the system. Where are you Karma?
May God give you the strength to get through this. Bless you

@emerald I’m a television producer taping a show on deadbeat dads next week. I’d love to talk to you about your story. You can reach me at 212.419.7413. Thanks! Hope to hear from you.

I feel sorry for you Emerald.. I’m going thru the same thing with my ex. He is so far behind with me and his wife before me and Texas Att. General keeps screwing up on the case and rescheduling it .. it’s crazy. I just rec’d a notification they are going to start charging a monthly fee and annual for them to collect.

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Stephen Kyle Brisbin in Burton Texas or Brenham Texas

What do you expect, leeches, for the state to work for free for you?

Child Support finally got his Texas Driver’s License suspended/Revoked!!! He is going to try to fight it, but from what I am told – he has to pay full amount to ger license back. Won’t accept any partial payments. If he gets caught driving than he will get arrested! Still waiting for IRS update for Tax Evasion. If he doesn’t pay up on support – I will start pressure to have him put in jail. One step closer. I have all the time in the world to wait. And I know him well enough to know he is stressing and won’t be sleeping much.

To all those that are against me – I don’t care. Doesn’t matter what you write or say. He is a deadbeat dad. He knows what he has to do whether he wants to or not. He knows what will happen if he don’t pay support – everything that I have told him so far has happened. Life isn’t fair and things don’t always work out, I get that. You don’t screw over peoples lives especially your kids and expect to walk away without consequences. You take responsibilty for your actions and be an adult and parent. And if you don’t than Karma is there to make sure you understand what happens with you don’t.

You should have kept your legs closed you spiteful bitch. Stop trying to ruin that man’s life. Have some pride. You should have thought twice before getting pregnant. But karma is a bitch you worthless cold hearted bitch!!!!

Look into getting a psychiatrist. Get over it bitch!

please delete this website and picture of Patrick William Gleason, Texas. He has paid child support and his case is now closed.

Greatly appreciate all crappy dad’s done with this.

Thank you for your assistance.


My ex was behind $195,000 at one point. It was reduced to $75000 because over $100,000 was mortgage escrow on our home which went to short sale. I not only lost everything I have to show for twenty years with the jerk. But my kids relationship with their dad is non-existent. Forced to apply for food stamps and medicaid he continues to play the system and involve co-workers. He actually sought sympathy from the court because of the cost of HIV medications. A disease he exposed me to but luckily I am not infected.

So, ladies, let me make it clear to you, karma is biting YOU in the ass, because you’re not getting the child support you expected. Karma is the sum of all actions you take intentionally.

Karma is not good, nor bad, it just is. And it determines the future, to a certain extent.

So, if you intentionally hurt an animal, that is karma for you. If you hurt the animal out of necessity or accidentally, that is not karma and it does not affect you. Some people have accumulated so much good karma over previous lives, that no matter what they do, they are not affected. But eventually, we all must respond to karma, unless we break out of the wheel of suffering and the cycle of reincarnation.

Buddha has said that the root of suffering is attachment. Attachment will never get you anything good, because everything that is born will eventually get old and die, or you will die before. Everything new will immediately become old and eventually will become junk.

By following the 8-fold path (google it), the middle road, you will, in time, be able to break all attachments, learn all the lessons that are to be learned, and achieve eternal rest.

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446 Thank you so much! -Denise

I have had a horrible experience with the attorney generals office as well.
when I was ready to give up… my neighbor gave me a business card from Human Interest Agency…they had my ex in court within 30 days…and he was hiding in another state.
I wish I would have called this child support enforcement agency much earlier.
1 800 687 2405 and their website is

I didn’t give up…you shouldn’t either..

good luck

Stephanie W.
Pampa Texas

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