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Posted on : 29-08-2010 | By : mom2twins | In : Deadbeat Dads, New Jersey


My soon to be ex-husband Paul Ezra Winkowski, of Howell/Brick/Central New Jersey is the biggest piece of crap deadbeat dad in the world, in my opinion.

We got married 8 years ago and the nightmare began. We have 3 children together, a beautiful and intelligent 9-year-old daughter and identical twin boys who have just turned 6.

Since 2005 we have been separated due to his cheating, drug use and overall just being a piece of crap. He was ordered to pay only $78 a week (for 3 KIDS!!!) because he works off the books and told the judge he didnt have a job. He has made probably only about 15 payments in the last 5 years (approximately). In the last year I have only received 6 payments. He is now $9,000 in arrears. He has had his drivers license revoked and been jailed once. He still refuses to pay, out of spite. He hardly ever calls and sees them less. He is missing out on their lives because of his own immaturity, narcissistic nature and selfishness. He walks around in $100 shoes and jewelry while I shop at the thrift store for the children.

He is now living with another woman and raising her two children. He has told her he isn’t married and doesn’t have any kids. This is according to his family who I still keep in contact with from time to time.

I want everyone who looks up his name to be warned about this dirtbag. People like him should be sterilized from birth.

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These adorable children have not only been financially abused.They have also been emotionally abused by the lack of interest in their lives. Thank God they have a great mother,and two sets of grandparents who love them. Deadbeat Dads steal from their own flesh and blood. Where was he when there was no food money?Where was he when the electric got shut off?Where was he on the birthdays in July and August?When the phone and cable were shut off?Where was he when he called his little girl and promised a birthday visit and gifts,then never called again? Even if the kids don’t fully realize it now,soon they will,and he will pay the consequences for his selfishness.

Take him to church and try to fix his life I bet if you throw God into the picture and not complain something will happen for you!

I do agree that God can touch the life of a deadbeat dad but the damage will always be there for the children…..

Taking him to church isn’t going to change the fact that for the last six years he hasn’t had anything to do with his children. And not complain?! Women are allowed to have a voice in this day and age. I do not complain about him in front of my children, however, as I believe they have to come to their own conclusions about their father. Asking a working able-bodied man to pay $90 per week (for 3 kids) isnt asking that much. He, like most deadbeats, doesnt pay out of spite, and selfishness.

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