Poor excuse for a father and so called teacher!

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I will cut right to the chase. I was married and still legally married to this man for 19 years. After he claimed insanity to get out of the military he thought life would be a piece of cake in the civilian world. After losing job after job he finally landed a teacher’s aide position. I was happy for him as I had lost my job…thanks to him. He was one of these man that could have a life but never let me have one. He was involved with every friend I have ever had…which I didn’t learn til recently. He showed up to my job so much that it cost me my job. He would go into my boss’ office and speak on my behalf again, things I didn’t know til after the fact.
Anyhow, he started working for an elementary school. Every day I would hear how this mom or that mom hit on him. He would say the lonely military wives just loved him because he was so good to their kids. I would think how odd, you jump up to help everyone else’s kids but not your own. But, he did manage to get his daughter a babysitting job. Little did I know it was for a military wife that he “fell in love with”. She acted as if she were my friend all the while allowing him to stay there. By the way he left the day after our 19th wedding anniversary after giving me a card professing his love and wanting to spend another 20 years together…what a joke! In there eyes nothing would ever come of it because..get this “he had too much respect for her husband” which is deployed. She became angry because she claimed to never of had a sexual encounter with my husband but my point was if you let him stay there, you give him a green light. You allow him to stay because he takes care of your kids but what about his kids?
My son and daughter were with their dad over at the woman’s house, remember they were “just friends” according to them but my kids walked in to find her changing clothes while he was lying on the bed assisting. That was it! He came home and said he wanted to be able to sleep here since both of our names are on the house but wanted to continue with her. Are you kidding me. He said he felt better around younger kids and mom’s with young kids because they make him feel young and needed….pathetic is more like it.
Well since then Feb 13th, he has drained every account, shut off utilities, has not contacted his son at all except to tell him that he stopped payment on his class ring and cap & gown for graduation this month. Then in order for my daughter to call him she has to call the woman to contact a new woman that he is living with. He has not paid a cent and refuses to til we are divorced. Mind u, I have systemic lupus and he has tried to nix my Tricare so I can’t take my chemo meds. He has all the money, I cannot even get my daughter’s medication and what does he do, he decided he wanted to visit his family in Illinois. Must be nice! He said he needed to find himself and make ammends with them. I always pushed him toward his family to keep a good relationship cuz I don’t have parents and know how important they are but he never wanted anything to do with them until now. He has taken everything of value out of the house by breaking in when we were at a doctors appointment. Got to love Texas and community property bs.
One thing is for sure I would beware of this man teaching anyone’s kids especially for any man that is about to deploy….hide your wife! While this jackass is finding himself the burdens are so overwhelming. Our hot water heater busted so now we only have cold water, house about to forclose, vehicle due to be reposessed, cannot get basic necessities but he is on vacation. I sure wish I had it that easy to “find myself”. This prick needs to grow up! Ladies and husbands beware….he may seem helpful to your kids but that is because he wants to help your wife!

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