Poor Excuse for A Human Being!

Posted on : 27-08-2011 | By : latanya36 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Illinois


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Here is an individual who fells to own up to his responsibilities. Now understand I am not a scorned woman and the truth I am about to provide to you is true. I am blessed to have a wonderful man in my life for 5yrs now who has shown and continues to show me just what “TRUE LOVE” is (jmb).

The person in this picture; however, didnt know and still don’t have a clue. He is the father of my four children to whom I was married to for 20 years and has lied and cheated his way threw the 20years. Let me give you a little of the lost individuals back ground. First his birth name is Larry L Osborne Jr. which now he goes by the name of Walid Abdul-Jaleel. Why he changed his name you ask? Well that’s because he had another child outside of our marriage and didn’t want the other mother to find him so he thought that by changing his name would help him not to be found plus other reasons. Well sorry to say; she found your dumb ass! Way to go girl!

Apparently as she stated to me she wrote down his ssn#. I divorced this piece of shit June of 2009 and was relieved that I removed him out of my life. This person has shown that he is confused and very needy of women and also a deceiving lair. He has been engaged to multiple women and has deceived them as well. He moved back to Chicago from Arizona December 2009 from being kicked out of the United States Navy for falsifying travel claims and has since been on again and off again engaged to multiple women. I have been in the Markham Courts for over 2yrs now because he has refused to pay the following. Child support, day care expense, dental, and half of my daughter’s college fees. Walid is in the arrears of $33,000 dollars just for child support not to mention other money that is owed due to his failure to pay. Lets just say he owes me close to 70k no lie!He has now fled to Atlanta with his new victim/wife! joke!! Erica to avoid the truth of what he is about to face. I know for a fact that he has lied to this poor women and she now believes his lies. Larry your family figured you out so now it was time for you to Run!

You can run but you sure in the hell can’t hide. Also this dirty low down person has stooped so low to avoid paying ½ of his share of my oldest child college tuition wrote a letter to her college and asked that she be arrest after he filled out a form for a loan that didn’t get approved anyway because of his poor ass credit score. He is a very juvenile person that is stuck in a teenage mind.

My personally message to you Larry Lee Osborne Jr. is you have 5 children that wants no part of you and that your life will be nothing but turmoi. You will always and I mean always live from hand to mouth. So keep running lil boy the state will find you in due time.

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