Poster-child for dead-beat dads!!!!

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My kids’ dad is a pathological liar, a perpetual victim and a professional mooch. He hasn’t worked in 3 years, hasn’t paid child support in 3 years for 4 children. Two of which are mine, ages 7 and 10; 1 with another woman, and another with yet another woman. He lives off of women. (Whichever ones are stupid enough to tolerate him and to believe his sob story!!!!). He doesn’t pay child support or do anything positive in any of their lives. The two older ones suffer as a result. Their school records reflect what dead-beat dad damage does to the success of impressionable young men who need a positive male figure in their lives; yet are sadly disappointed with the broken promises and lies of a loser who cares about nothing but his own selfish wants and needs. It’s sickening.
HIs latest stunt to try and get off the hook was a failed attempt to file false allegations of neglect and abuse against me. He bold-faced lied, and filed for an ex-parte hearing during my finals week at school, expecting that I would not show up. He thought for sure that he would be granted the request for full physical and legal custody that he asked for, which also included a request to give me monitored visitation. Imagine that!!!! I showed up to his ex-parte hearing however, and foiled his scandalous plan. When the judge asked him for evidence to support the specific incident that he claimed would warrant granting him emergency custody of the children; he began to say: “in 2008….” the judge reminded him that he wanted evidence to support his allegations. He had none… Hence he’s been discredited and his motives were revealed. Loser!!!!!!

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Omg!!!! What a loser

How do I post??

I agree with that; my son’s father does the same exact thing! It hurts a lot.

these deadbeats always figure they`re above the law, until they get pinned, then they just run and hide, lol…but it is a fact, they cannot run and hide forever!!!

I don’t understand how these men get woman after woman after woman after woman. I guess they lie, because there is nothing there that I can’t live without. And I bet all his exes feel the same. So sad for his children.

Hello My ex is named Anthony Blotti, He is a pathological liar, a women abuser, and a drug user, and a deadbeat dad!! Anthony owes almost 40,000 thousand in back child support and owns a mechanic business called Blotti and Sons in Huntington Beach California. He dodges the IRS by not reporting any of his earnings and never pays child support!! He has 2 boys that he never sees because he lost custody from drug abuse and spousal abuse, and also refuses to help the baby moms with any money. He is a MAJOR DEADBEAT!!!

Stay strong mama! I feel your pain. Reynaldo Hermosillo from San Jose, CA is a deadbeat from hell. He hasn’t supported any of his kids from different women, but he does support young prostitutes frequently as well as his meth, alcohol, and marijuana habits. Takes occasional side jobs for cash paid under the table and lives with his daddy. Beware women he is always on the prowl, and don’t ever let him in the house if you have any daughters. He is a child predator.

I am grown now, but my father is similar to your ex. He can’t seem to acknowledge responsibility for anything, and lived off of my mother for years. It’s sad, but she let him do that because he had been abusive and she was really scared of him. I grew up scared of him as well.
I’m sorry that your kids have had to experience a parent who disappoints so frequently, but there will be a day when they grow up to see him as he is. When that happens, it is a very liberating and empowering feeling.

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