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Royce Goree is a self proclaimed preacher in Oakland, CA for the 37th Street Baptist church. You can google his name and see all kinds of posts for himself.
I was married to Royce in the 90’s and we had two children, we also divorced in the 90’s when he gave me an STD, thank goodness it was cureable.
At one point he owed me over 26,000.00 in support. He finally got a job at one point working for Social Security and got “laid Off” or so he told his family as he will not let me know anything. I started receiving some of his unemployment, however, I have been informed that he has no desier to get a job that he wants to go to Preacher school and become a full time preacher. Are you kidding me, he does nothing for our two teenage children and they know he lies so much they do not even want to talk to him or deal with him.
My son is also a diabetic type 1, he provides no support for that either, his answer was God will fix it….
What are the rules or standards for becoming a Man of God? How can you counsell someone on life when you do not even take care of your children that God gave you?

Look him up,, he is very full of himself being a man of God, as well as he is on single websites, while he is still married and trying to be a Preacher.

He does not care about the well being of his children, he just knows that I will do whatever it takes to take care of them. I work two jobs and barely get by, but make to much for any type of assitance.

What is the world coming to if this man can actually spread the word of God to others?

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Ennis Chapel (Ennis Chapel COGIC) on MyspaceJan 13, 2010 … Minister Royce Goree PRESIDENT: Minister Royce Goree Ennis Chapel’s Men’s Department are men of Accountability seeking God of his plan for

New Church he is preaching at…. Great….

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