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EDDIE LEE BELL,the President of Bell’s Transmission Service in Montgomery, AL is a dead beat dad. He has a 9 year old daughter that he has NO communication with. He refuses to speak to her because he became angry when she didn’t want to see him anymore because he was physically abusing her! He was THROWING her across the house as a for of discipline and NEVER denied it. In fact, he stated that he would not be advised on how to “discipline” his child. NEWSFLASH: Throwing a child is not a form of discipline! It is called child abuse! This man is a deadbeat scum bag to the 5th magnitude. He pays absolutely NOTHING in child support. He is also scamming the Veteran’s Administration by claiming his daughter for benefits when she doesn’t live with him!

I am urging people NOT to do business with this loser. Not only does he own Bell’s Transmission Service in Montgomery, AL, but he also has multiple rental properties in which he is currently getting income from. He does not use any of his income to take care of his child yet he calls himself a community leader and role model!

His daughter has tried contacting him and refuses to take her calls. He tells his office manager to lie to her and tell him that he has left the shop even though his car is still parked there and he can be seen running in and out of the shop talking to different women.

His company website is as follows:

The bottom line is that he is putting on this big act because he doesn’t want to pay child support. He has clothing at his home that belongs to her that he has refused to return yet he does not send money so that more clothing can be bought. Again, PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT HIS BUSINESS! This man does NOT take care of his daughter!

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If he was abusive to your daughter why would you want her to have contact with him!?

Honestly, I could care less if he had any contact with her. However, he has a responsibility to pay child support which he doesn’t because he’s a brown nosing, Uncle Tom sell out loser.

mother i dissaprove your message i dislike it anyone looking at the messages this is a lie :) maybe pass but not future ppl can change

The mom attended our church and to my knowledge, everything that she has stated is factual. When the little girl was about one or two, she became very sick and had to be hospitalized. She was in the hospital for 8 weeks and Mr. Bell only visited two times. On the day that she was transported from a hospital in Montgomery to Birmingham, he refused to go saying he had to take his parents to a birthday party. I don’t know what kind of grandparents would rather go to a birthday party when they have a grandchild that has to be transported to the hospital for a life threatening condition but it is obvious that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree in his family.

Because of him not paying child support, they were living in a hotel room for an extended period of time. It was a one room hotel room without a stove or a refrigerator. The mother was working but unable to afford everything on her own. While his daughter was living in a hotel room, he married his secretary and moved her into his four bedroom home that sits on a golf course and lake.

While he was married to her, he spent very little time with his own child and could be seen throughout the city with his wife’s children. It was really sad and low considering he had a child that he was not spending any time with.

He has never voluntarily paid child support. She has always had to ask him for money. To my knowledge, he has never just picked up the phone and said, “Hey, do you need anything?” or “I’m going to bring money to you to take her shopping,etc.”

I know that at one point he was paying the daycare bill but when he got married he stopped. Whenever there is a woman in the picture, he outright stops taking care of the little girl. During that time, they were having to get food from a food bank because he was not helping out. It was a very sad situation.

I also know that he has gone through the city of Montgomery, completely trashing her name, saying she sleeps around and does not take care of the little girl. This is a lie. That child is never dirty and whatever the child needs, her mother buys it or her mom’s parents buy it. She spends a lot of time reading to her, taking her to the library and other educational activities.The little girl is in the gifted She also particpates in a lot of volunteer activities and they would be at church every Wednesday and Sunday.

He has been saying for years that he can’t pay child support because his business isnt making any money yet we would always hear of him in casinos gambling money that he should have been saving for his daughter.

He has also told the little girl bad things about her mom and puts her in the middle of things going on between them. On one occassion he tried to attack the little girls mom with a golf club right in front of the child.

As God is my witness, I can attest to this first hand because I was deeply involved with this family. This child’s mom is a great mother. She goes to work every single day. She is well educated and she comes from a good family.

Mr. Bell is clearly the problem here. He has very minimal interaction with his daughter. Even before they moved away, they lived right in between his office and his home and barely stopped by to see them. It was so horrible.

It is sad that he has a daughtee as beautiful and smart as she but he doesn’t have the time to spend with her. I pray for people like him.

I know the child’s mother too. I don’t think that she should have posted this. She is with a good man who loves her daughter and is there for her. Why waste your time and energy on posting about someone who STILL to this day doesn’t take care of his daughter on a regular basis? In fact, he probably uses this post on the website as a reason not to pay child support. Girl, keep your daughter away from him and just accept the fact that he’s a deadbeat whose never going to change. Any male can make a baby but it takes a man to raise one. He might be the one who is her biological father but he isn’t the one who is actually raising her. Think about that. Think about the man who is raising her and realize that she is much better off without Eddie Lee Bell.

my older brother is a mont. police det. i’m sure he would love to get his hands on this “scum”

This material is objectionable under both Alabama and Federal defamation laws and needs to be removed immediately. Please contact the law firm of Rodgers & Carden 334-262-0508. Ask for Alfred or Keith. The site owner has not returned our attempts at communication, so a lawsuit may be the only recourse left unless this entire thread is pulled.

^^^^^ LMAO

The initial poster of this is also making fake pages to make additional comments. Hence, Mandy1981 lovely indenting though. As a matter of fact, the “mother” who wrote this thread name is Tomiyo Kenyatta Williams. Tomiyo is known for being a habitual liar. As a matter of fact , it took forever for Eddie to even find out that this was his daughter because she went through a series of paternity testing with different men before he took one. Never listen to a person who doesn’t even know her BABY DADDY. Tomiyo Williams is GHETTO AS HELL and trifling. How the hell do you not know your child’s father? She is mad because she can’t get all of the money out of Eddie that she wants. This child was based off of a one night stand at a hotel party. That tells you enough about her. She’s known for sleeping with married men, better step it up and stop being a side piece. She’s quick to talk about other people like she’s perfect when she has done way worse than everyone she talks about.

When she got pulled over by police and sent to jail on different occasions, ask her who bonded her out. When she was staying in Montgomery in nice apartments, ask her who paid her rent because she couldn’t afford to. She’s quick to try to “expose” someone so now it’s HER TURN. Never listen to a person who doesn’t even know their child’s father. Eddie screwed up for sleeping with a whore, but he damn makes sure that his daughter is taken care of. As one of the people stated above, why would you even want her to have anything to do with Eddie if he was so abusive? You sound so pathetic, like a liar, and mad because you can’t have your way so you try to ruin his business. I can see now why people don’t get involved with black women anymore. Baby mama drama.

She’s nothing but a lying stupid ass bitch. Sometimes people need to put two and two together. She typed up all of that shit, and I’m just sitting here wondering why the hell would she have her kid to contact him if he is as abusive as she claims. Lmao!!! #EpicFail

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