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WOW!!!!! Where do I begin I met dude when I was 19 years old he was the most smooth talking older guy I have ever met its like EVERYTHING he said I wanted to follow. So I began to have problems in my moms home & was deciding to move back to my home town when he offered for me to stay with him I was feeling him we had been talking for a little bit I seen a future for us little did I know it was the beginning to a BIG no HUGE mistake. So I end up pregnant with our first child a few months later & I thought he was the BEST man I could have ever gotten pregnant by only because I was oblivious to what he was doing behind my back as I managed our home & carried our child. Later he would admit to me as he dropped me off at my moms house 45 minutes away he would take that time to have sexual relations with other women then trying to do the same with me endangering not only my life but the life of his unborn child. So lets skip ahead 9 months im having my son & he is outside smoking weed the doctor is like its time to push & he is no where to be found I have to send my brothers wife & my mom to go find him & he comes in the delivery room reeking of Marijuana WHAT A WAY TO SEE YOUR CHILD BROUGHT INTO THIS WORLD HUH???? Lets skip ahead again so all the way up until my son is 10 months old when I finally decided to up & leave because I was TIRED of just trying to make it work because we had a child together he couldn’t afford to even buy milk for my son, he attempted to kidnap my son one day with no clothes on in the freezing cold no milk no nothing takes him to a house where drugs are known to be sold. He has taken so much money off of my sons back & out of his mouth to purchase studio time for a career clearly going nowhere…..SO we officially leave him on Aug 28 2008 & since then my son has not seen 1 red cent from him he continues to tell me about how he has a gift for my child for his birthday which 3 has passed & he has yet to see 1, he continues to say how he will have Christmas presents for him yet the same story. He goes days, weeks, & this time about to be months because I refuse to keep pushing someone who doesn’t want to put in the same effort without even talking to my son. Every time he has seen my son I have had to bring my son to him & he still shows no interest. He makes EVERYTHING about me & him when clearly that will NEVER be I have gotten married & had another child all I ask of him is to call my son, want to be there for my son, spend some time with my son. SO LADIES BEWARE WHEN ALLOWING HIM TO PENETRATE YOU USE ALUMINUM FOIL, SARAN WRAP, CONDOMS(MALE & FEMALE), SPERMICIDE, PILLS, THE PATCH, THE SHOT, IUD, SHOOT TIE YA TUBES HE IS THE WORLDS BIGGEST DEADBEAT SPERM DONOR!!!!!!!!

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I think we should get all these deadbeats and just chop they nuts off so this wont continue to happen!

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