Pterradacto (Terris Thompkins)

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He has a daughter he has had nothing to do with in over 7 years. Then he got his now ex girlfriend pregnant. When she called to tell him he laughed, said that’s what happens, and told her she was on her own. This after weeks of him telling her he would love it if she had his child and he would love having a family/marriage again. When she called the next day he rejected her call and then turned his phone off. This went on for days. He left her high and dry. Just like he did the mother of his daughter. He is 31 (born 1978) and still is homeless, couch surfs, asks his mom for money, doesn’t work, plays video games, and drinks 4loko. This is his life. Oh and talks about how he is such a great rapper. Yet after 15 years doing it, he doesn’t make shit. Women, if you encounter this boy, RUN. He is a fraud, coward, liar, and a sociopath. He lives in Austin, TX and Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA.

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Well the ex he knocked up just found out he is also married. He is a real winner.

Pterradaco is one of the best rappers/lyricist alive period. He is just to far underground to hit anyone’s radar.

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