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Posted on : 11-09-2011 | By : looserdaddy2011 | In : California, Deadbeat Dads


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I havent seen my daughter in a few years, I prefer to be in a relationship with a woman that hates me, than coming to see my daughter or take care of her. I prefer to take women to fancy expensive restaurants than paying his obligations and child support. Also I decide to not pay other people to take that fat water bag Melanie to fancy restaurants, and fill her gas tank than to feed my daughter, also I am pretending to be a SAAAAVED JESUS freak because I am trying to make my self feel better because I am a fing looser. I also like to leech of my friends like the one that lived in westchester, i owe that foo 6,000 on back rent cause, I am broke and dont have a job. I have a successful business on craigslist tricking people into buying pirated software as originals. I also tried to swindle my friend that i worked with for 2000 dollars. Hey i also sell broken sidekicks on craigslist as a working phone.. A little info on me .. I have monkey sex with every woman I see, even if they are my buddies wives, Oh i miss my daughter tiara oh i so miss her, but dam i got to go cause that fat elephant melanie hill is hungry. oh dam i forgot im broke and i need to pay my rent cause im going to get evicted, again.

Contact me if you have any reason to argue my ways.

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