Raheim “The Loser” Murphy

Posted on : 18-08-2011 | By : M.dot | In : Deadbeat Dads, North Carolina


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So this Loser has been semi paying the same little bit of child support since his only daughter was 6 months old…she’s now 12. H!e’s been in jail for child support & still can’t get it together. He only has ONE CHILD! The loser is still stuck on those hoop dreams at the age of 32! And it doesn’t help that he’s from a small town where his enablers encourage him to continue playing ball instead of getting a JOB! When is he going to grow up?? After months of saying he didn’t have any money to help with his only child’s tutoring, not paying child support which lead to child court on May 9th, not paying her phone bill on time…do you know this Loser had the balls to go to Vegas!?? I know how much it cost to get to Vegas and to be in Vegas! Been there because unlike his broke loser azz I have a job and my child support is paid in full!! This loser just makes me laugh! Get a job!!!!!!!!! If everyone really know what kind of Father you really aren’t. If they knew the only way you see her is because I bring her. SMDH! I just want this loser to grow up and start thinking like a parent. There’s no way I could do the mess he does not knowing if my child is taken care of. Oh but I guess he doesn’t have to worry about that because he knows I’m going to take care of her because it’s what I’m supposed to do.

P.S…To his loser D riding fan club…unless you plan on helping this loser pay his child support…don’t say sh*t. Thank you and goodbye.

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