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This is one mutha fucker who don’t do shit for his kids.(The broke pussy on the left ). He has them and leave them. He has 3 girls that I know of but there are four others who claims to have children by him and i believe they are his. He get with a girl and get her pregnant when she find out she having a girl he leaves them wow. Rasul says he will continue to have children until he has a boy but we all know as small as his DICK is that will never happen. All he’s good for is eating pussy and you dont want him to really do that cause his breath smell like old ass pussy it self.  He never spent a dime on any of his kids he dont even speak to them when he see them on the street and dont show up to child support cases as I heard and he will stand on the corner and make his so called money just to get his ass wipped and robbed. He get money from bitches to buy him clothes and tell his baby mothers he broke instead of taking the money to buy his kids clothes or even a bag of chips he told me he could not afford my daughter a bag of cheesE curls shit buy boy. Please if you see this nigga call the cops he got a child support warrant. I KNOW YOUR IN DELAWARE PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is sad, but the post had me CTFU!… you really laid his ass out on this site!

Hello, My name is Jen and I am a producer for a talk show in NYC. Please give me a call I am doing a show on deadbeat dads and would like to help you out. 347-974-1641.

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