Posted on : 09-12-2010 | By : unpaidmom | In : Deadbeat Dads, Missouri


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Have you seen this fool? I had a daughter by him in 1995 and I got a child support order in 1996 and he has NEVER paid me. He owes me over $20,000 and I want my money. His name is Rayfield LaShon Holt aka Kuttack or DJ Kutaculus. He’s a dj in the Kansas City area and he’s from Topeka, Kansas. This fool is dirty and I mean trifflin dirty. He keeps green stuff oozing out of d**k!! So don’t have sex with him!! I NEED to get paid, I WANT to get paid. And Child Support Enforcement is a joke! He’s been required to pay $105/month for one child. Her hair costs more than that a month, not including her rent, gas, insurance, spending loot, shoes, clothes, and every day necessities. You know this fool? Then clown him about how he was seen on this website.

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