Rene L Diaz–Claims to be a dad

Posted on : 17-03-2011 | By : TiredOfIt | In : Deadbeat Dads, Texas


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If you can afford a Harley then somehow I think you might be able to afford child support. I love all the bragging about riding your Harley and taking trips (on Facebook)…our daughter (MY daughter) deserves to get the support that he was ordered to pay, at this time he owes approximately $50k and he did pay support for almost a year, now I guess he decided he needed new toys for himself so he stopped paying once again. I hope his family sees this post, I think I will actually post it online so everyone can see that he isnt the wonderful person that he has everyone thinking he is…I will give him credit for being a good con-artist, guess thats one thing he learned from his 3.5 years in prison.

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Oh my bad…he was fired from his job in December. All is forgiven..NOT. I bet McDonalds is hiring..even in Texas

I feel ya on this! Stay strong sister

He is now living in Michigan working in Illinois..finally paid cs for abut 6months and stopped again. Still owes about $45,000.

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