Richard H. Fecteau www.TeamFecteau Preditor at large! Deadbeat Dad on the Run

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He left his 2 children and wife Sylvia in Pisa, Italy without no support whatsoever. A real con artist. He has lied to his father, stole thousands of dollars from many so called clients and his own father- Arthur Fecteau with his so called Real Estate Business
He is a master charmer and hits on old hags to feel sorry for him and then seeks young women as myself to have sex with and take advantage. He portrays himself as a wealthy man who will do anything for you. I fell for it as I was lonely and desperate.

I found out the IRS is tailing his ASS, dumb Ass as he has committed fraud with unemployment and IRS. He attends Successful Thinker meetups in the greater Sacramento CA area. He is anywhere there are FREE networking meetings and free FOOD. He is a true preditor…seeking woman who will provide sex and a place to sleep. And old hags love to feel sorry for the sap! He has not paid child support to his children and CURRENT WIFE in years.

His wife is desperate for help as she is out of the country and cannot tag this DEADBEAT DAD.
Be sure to EXPOSE him as quickly as you can.

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I feel for Sylvia and her 2 kids. I have been dealing with my narcissistic Ex-Husband since 2006. I’m glad to see you cared enough to post this. I wish I had great abundant means to help all of us that take on both rolls financially, physically, & emotionally…
I will post on my face book…


Hello, I know this post is old and all but my mom is with this man. I don’t trust him. Do you think we can chat?

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