Richard Mcauliffe a deadbeat dad who dont pay for his four children

Posted on : 06-01-2011 | By : danielle921 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Illinois


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The sperm donor you see in the picture gave me four wonderful children that i take care of all by myself. since day one he has never been there.the most important thing in this losers life is drinking and going to the bars.he is selfish,useless,worthless along with many other things.he owes me well over 60,000 in child support.the funny thing about this whole thing is that he thinks he is hurting me but jokes on him his kids r older now and they look down on him like scum of the everyday for the rest of my life i will let it be known that he is a dead beat sperm donor.i dont like giving him the father title because he is not a father.

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Wow sounds just like my kids sperm donor…selfish and useless all at once and thinks that he is hurting me when it only hurts the kids.

That’s how these deadbeat suckers think!!! But that’s how much thier kids going to love them in the future….. Zero love, NADA

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