Robert C. Hunter, Ardmore Oklahoma, is worthless deadbeat dad.

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My sperm doner, Robert C. Hunter of Ardmore Oklahoma, abandond me at birth for whatever reason. Is any reason good enough to abandon your child? Robert took care of the other three kids he had, Chris Hunter, Taylor Hunter-Rison, and Jordan Hunter, all of Ardmore Oklahoma. I have sat and watched Robert Hunter live the good life and I’m here let people know he is a loser! I’m dedicating this page to you Robert Hunter. You are what you are(a loser deadbeat) and I’m glad I never abandond my child. I could never do that. I’m 28 now and it’s payback time. The picture is of Robert Hunter and his wife dining on an Alaskan cruise ship. Must be nice to take all those trips. Oh but wait, it’s easy to do when you run from responsibility.

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It’s been a tough life without a dad. Let me tell ya. I wished I had a male role model to form me to be a better person. I had to grow up telling people I didn’t have a dad. He was capable of supporting me and ran like the chicken shit that he is. I actually called him from the children shelter once when I was a kid to see if I could stay with him in his luxurious home. He turned me down. What a pos.

1 Timothy 5:8

To fail to take care of your own as we have opportunity is denying Christianity. It is denying the Christian faith, and we are then worse off than the unconverted. This is a pretty strong statement. A person who meets the criterion of this verse has disavowed Christianity.

Bible thump on that, hypocrite. And you show your face in a church? hehe. If you believe in hell, then you know where you will be going. You cannot give up your rights to a child and expect them to accept you 12 years later. So don’t tell yourself you tried. You failed.

Oklahoma has got to be the absolute worst state at forcing fathers to pay their child support or suffer the consequences! I have been fighting with them for nearly 15 years because my son’s father refuses to pay his support. He owes over $200,000 to three women and won’t pay a dime. Karma will get your dad in the end. Keep your head! You have my sympathies :)

Ok first off, this is a great site. I had to register when I saw this guy’s name on here. This is the same guy that screwed his sister-in-law Rhonda Nault when he was married to his first wife. Then, he screwed another sister-in-law, his brother’s wife and caused his present wife Jo Jo Hunter, who just happens to be Rhonda’s sister to have a nervous breakdown! I guess he’s going through as much family as he can, LOL. He’s a real piece of work alright. I’m sorry you’ve gone through what you have with him, but you’re probably a lot better off without this loser in your life. Blessings and best of luck to you. There are too many people out here that don’t take care of their children, and they are the lowest of scum on the face of this earth. More people should be exposing these deadbeats!

Here are a couple of emails sent to me via Facebook, from Robert Hunter’s sister-in-law requesting my post be removed, but as you can see, I told her that was not going to happen…. here it is…..

Rhonda Nault Guin
Lynn Im sending this message in regards to your post To Funny in the crappydads site. I am begging and pleading with you to please remove this post.This information about me is false. My husband and I 2 years ago sold everything we had, i quit my job and we left Ardmore to go on the road to serve the Lord. We are trying to do what is right even though we have in many ways fallen short. I am so sorry for the hurt and pain that you and Dustin have had to endure and know nothing I can say or do will alleviate any of that hurt. Please accept my appology if I in any way have contributed to any of the anguish you or your family have endured. Again I ask you to please remove the post and pray many blessings to you and your family. Rhonda

YesterdayLynn McCaskill
Rhonda, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m unable to remove a post I didn’t make, but I’m pretty sure, I wouldn’t remove that one, if I had. I KNOW for a fact it’s all true. Deal with it. You should think about your actions and how they affect others and that they may someday be exposed, before you weaken yourself like you did. Best of luck. Lynn

YesterdayRhonda Nault Guin
I do know for a fact that you did write it. And what was said about me is completely false and have no idea were your information of validity came from. As i said before i am truly sorry for your pain and ask you once again to remove that post. I wish you the best. Rhonda

YesterdayLynn McCaskill
Won’t be removed. Then you should ask your brother-in-law Robert after he screwed your nasty ass, then later that day went to kiss Terri, his wife, (your sister in law at that time) and Terri asked Robert why his mustache smelled like pussy. These posts WON’T be removed. It’s called Freedom of Speech, thanks to the fact that we live in the great United States of America. Your brother-in-law Robert should have done what was right, but his trashy ass self has proven what he’s all about, therefore those with whom he had inappropriate relationships with will be exposed, There are several names that will be added to his list of infidelity. I’m just happy he did it to Jo Jo, too. After all, she was screwing him when he was married to me, and was well aware of it, therefore she shall too face the wrath. You people need to learn some respect, dignity and class before putting yourselves in positions to be around us. Good luck, nothing will be deleted, but there may be additional posts added, so you may want to keep up. By the way, nothing falls into the “libel” category, because what’s on that page in the truth. I hope you got Patrick straightened out with all his drug and alcohol problems. I know that in itself has to be tough. Just keep your nose clean and there should’t be any additional postings about yourself. But you see Rhona, basically your entire family has shit on Dustin, therefore he will do whatever he so well chooses to continue to expose those who associated with the DEADBEAT PIECE IF SHIT ROBERT HUNTER. Cheers!!

Just thought I would post this hilarious email I just received from the brother-in-law of the deadbeat featured in this forum. He ‘thinks” he’s going to sue me…. LMAO. Enjoy folks.

Pat Guin

Lynn McCaskill
LMAO, you’re not only funny, but STUPID, too!! You have a nice day, yourself!! LOL

Then, here’s a message I sent to this Pat Guin’s wife, Rhonda Nault Guin. They just want to continue to harass me, so I will continue to post whatever they send me and I send to them, as well. I keep everything on the up and up, which is NOTHING like this family does!! Enjoy folks!

Lynn McCaskill
If you didn’t want all you messages put out on the internet, maybe you shouldn’t have sent me any. What kind of person are you, anyway, to talk shit to me in a forum and then expect me not to bring up your past. Tell that stupid drug addict, alcoholic husband of yours, if he wants to be suing anybody, it should be Robert Hunter for telling me that information. I mean come on, Rhonda, how would I have known Teri said Robert’s mustache smelled like pussy after he screwed your nasty ass? You may want to tell your ignorant husband, he has no grounds for a lawsuit, there’s nothing libelous about what I’ve said, it’s all the truth, and I’ll be happy to take a polygraph to prove that, and why don’t you and Robert also take a polygraph? LOL That’s because you’re all a bunch of sick liars, and I’m so happy my son was never around such nasty people to think that your behavior of screwing all your family members, like so many of you guys think, is acceptable. You seriously have problems, and don’t bring them to me, I got rid of my problem over 30 years ago, and his name was Robert Hunter. Now your sister can reap the benefits of all his infidelities, after all she deserves them. She was screwing him when he was married to me. So you guys all just sit over there and waller in the nastiness that you all are!!

Hi! My name is Jen. I am a producer for a TV show in NYC. I would love to speak with you. Please give me a call at 347-974-1641 Thanks

Yea he loves to file charges about the truth. He actually believes his own lies. Springer show, move over. Here comes another one.

To the abandoned child from Robert Hunter, I am so sorry for what happened to you as a child but i want to let you know this. You are actually blessed not to have had any contact with your dad. Your dad is a narcissist and if you read up on this, you will understand why you are so lucky not to have been in this evil mans life. This man spends his life hiding behind a false self. He was damaged so bad that he will never be a human being. Believe me when i tell you he is evil. Count yourself lucky and know God saved you when he let you be free of this evil man. Read up on narcissism and you will feel better and be able to heal your childhood wounds. When this man abandoned you he actually set you free, and kept you away from the abuse. God bless and be kind to yourself. You survived the devil. Read the book a Wolf in sheeps clothing and you will know what kind of man this is. Hugs


Narc Stories- Female Covert Somatic Narcissist Cougar Story-aging covert narcissist. Please read this story and just think of it as a male narcissist.

This details Robert Hunter to a T.

I am also in the process of going viral on UTUBE

I will be dedicating my life to help recovery victims and bringing awareness to this abuse.

It destroys families and lives and generations. Lets make the world a better place.

Lets end the cycle of abuse and the predators that destroy the good people of this world.

God does not like evil.

You are evil Robert Hunter and when you get to heaven the gates will be closed.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,
Fathers should pay child support but narcissist men really don’t love their children. They are mere objects to the narc’s life. Narc’s never apologize for anything and live a double life. Some of their traits are so uncanny. For example: They act very childlike. If you ever see one make a video, it will be very childish. Like a five year old and a grown man acting funny and childlike in behavior is a sure sign. He thinks it is soooo funny but everyone else looks at it and thinks “Man this guy is making a fool out of himself”. Very strange.
They also keep a great many women in their harems(ex wives, girlfriends, etc….) they really never break up with them because they might need to come back later for some raw sex. Some know about each other and protect the narc.
Read up on narcissism and the family and what they do and you will see how the family acts so childlike. This family has extreme personality disorder. Stay away from these people Dustin.
If you try and be a part of this family they will welcome you in making you believe they are sincere and then they will come after you and will never ever make things up to you. Child support? Forget it, you will never see anything from Robert Hunter or his family.
They are evil and Robert is a sick deadbeat dad.

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