Robert M Butler Jr. has active Warrant for contempt of willful non payment of CS.

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Robert M Butler Jr. has not paid a cent towards his court ordered C.S. since Nov. 2010 and is currently behind in the amout of over $10,500.00. On Aug. 3rd, 2011, he was found by a Mason County Judge here in IL, to be in willful and indirect civil contempt for his failure to pay C.S. Robert (Bob) didn’t not show up in court and his actually whereabouts is unknown at this time. He has been quitting jobs as soon as the IL Child support Enforcement catches up to him and sends the employer a “order to withhold”. Income tax entercepts were put against his income tax refunds and he was served notice and has failed to file his income tax return, to keep from paying any of his court ordered C.S. He is 6ft 2 and keeps his black hair trimmed down very short, has a black mustache and gotee. He likes to frequent bars, is a smoker and is a known drug user and possibly drug dealer. He has been known to do odd jobs like carpenter work , small engine repairs, farming , tree trimming & saw mill work. He has 2 children, twins and one of them has a disability and is confined to a wheelchair and doesn’t feel that he should have to pay any support at all to his children!
He was last living in the areas of Bath/Chandlerville IL. COuld possibly be living in St. Louis MO. He has been seen in the downtown are at “THe Landing” and I have been told , that he appeared to be a well known.

He currently has a arrest warrant out on him and anyone that happens to see him should call Mason County Sheriffs office out of Havana IL. 309-543-2231.

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I hope he is found and locked up! what a loser.

I hope he rots in jail. I just got ordered child support and that no good bum owes over $18000.00. They are trying to enforce it now. I am going to ask child support if they can get this loser can get locked up too for contempt of willful non payment.

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446 Thank you so much!

update he has his second warrant for willful non-payment and has taken it to a felony level . Owe’s over $24,000.00 in unpaid C.S. and has left the state of IL. and according to his two FB profile’s is living in Scottsbluff Nebraska. IL. suspended his drivers license , but he still drives and has been picked up twice that I know of for driving while suspended. He of course is still working for cash under the table and look out single women even though it says he’s in a relationship on his FB profile, but he is on under Havana , IL. 39 yrs old. Still manages to fool the women, but just a warning, he’s a true deatbeat. I should know I was married to him for 11 yrs and look what he’s done to his own two children, one who is disabled for life. Takes somebody selfish and cold hearted to do this to their own children.!/bob.butler.5891004?fref=ts!/bob.butler.963?fref=ts

and if you want to do a show on these deadbeats, how about following tips from the custodial parents and go track these deadbeats down ,do a undercover crack down and expose all their deadbeats asses for everybody on national TV to see. you want any info. on him just check out our divorce file at the Mason County Court House, Havana IL. it’s all matter of public record. Kind of like the show “cheaters”. But catch these jackasses working , out on the town, spending money hand over fist, in the meantime not supporting their own children.

Please do a show about these deadbeats!! My daughters father is a drunk loser who has time to get laid on a daily basis but not see our baby.

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