Roderick C Threats = Bum!

Posted on : 01-06-2013 | By : busted123 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Tennessee


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First of all let me just say this smooth talking bum has kids between PA and OH. Which might I add is not paying any type of support for. He has not seen his daughter in PA for years and the mother doesn’t want anything to do with him and she won’t even let him see her. He gives all kinds of excuses as to why he could-a, should-a, would-a mentality. He will throw all kinds of fancy talk out there to make you think he is highly motivated and goal oriented. HOWEVER when push comes to shove he is just another deadbeat like everyone else on this website. He will say everything under the sun to get what he wants and take what whatever he can get without putting forth effort. Until he finds out what he wants is not going to happen he will keep running his facade. And just like a coward he will gather a minimal amount of belongings and disappear into the night. He will leave a note for you to find in the morning giving some LAME excuse why leaving is justifiable. He’s 37 and has yet to show any sign of being a responsible adult.

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I am just going to be upfront, Stephanie Boggs , why are you doing this to a good man, you have posted all sorts of stuff all over the internet about him from being gay/bi-sexual to being a woman beater, really? then you post this? Wow how low can you really go? Will you tell everyone the real reason why he left, Ms. Pill Popper, but I am not going as low as you are to slander you all over the internet, I just hope you delete this in good conscience, They talk everyday just so you know. but I am going to report this to the website owners like I did the other posts on the other websites and have them deleted.

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