Rodrick Stewart, Former University of Kansas Basketball 2006-2008

Posted on : 26-08-2011 | By : Southern Negro Association | In : Deadbeat Dads, Kansas


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He did not play in the national championship, he helped out by staying on the bench. So know that before dismissing his many indiscretions. He laces girls drinks with illegal drugs and then takes them to the back room of clubs to sleep with them while under influences that they did not consent to. He has many women at once and asked them all for money to maintain an image that he has money although he is a broke joke because he refuses to get a job. He thinks he is too good for a job. He asks poor single mothers making less than $5,000 a year for gas money and to lend him $200 for new shoes even though he has shoes. He never pays the money back. After raping women and getting them pregnant, if they get pregnant he will emotionally abuse them and threaten them with being blackballed, jumped, or injured by all his groupies and main people he calls the Mafia unless they abort. He is also a gang banger, a blood. He often uses his gang connections to intimidate people. He sells and uses drugs. The cops either turn a blind eye or participate because he is a good ol’boy now that he played ball at KU. KU bball is the main source of revenue for the city so the legal system does not prosecute rapist, thieves, extortionists who are associated with KU basketball. Avoid this man. The KU basketball program was aware of his involvement in credit card fraud, rape (one that included a minor), and other crimes, they covered it up.

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