Roger Dale Burpo Jr.

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Meet Roger Dale Burpo Jr. He is a deadbeat Dad. I refer to him as the “sperm donor” of our son. He will not tell other women he has kids nor that he is still legally married most always. If he does tell he says he is divorced and pays so much child support for his son LOL. LIES!!!!! When he is not in jail or prison…..He is usually in the Paducah,Ky or the Lakeland,Fl area. If you happen to meet him you are meeting a LOSER! On the positive side I don’t need his money or need him around for anything =)

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His newest town of interest is Metropolis,IL (and Bloomington,IL) due to his passion for strippers to take care of him while he pretends he is in love with them,haha! How can a man love a woman and not love his own child? 11 years now he has avoided his responsibility. Not only has he avoided it so has the Tennessee child support services,there should be a site for that too! If a parent owes money in the state o TN they will do nothing unless they can get a “good’ address or job on the crappy Dads! They can work for cash,move from state to state not using any permanent address and nothing can or will be done! I have recently found out he is wanted in Massac County IL and if/when they ever catch him I pray to God he gets a year sentence at the least so I can divorce him and take all of his rights! He has a long criminal history and continues to add to it. Such a LOSER!

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