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It has been two years since I filed an order for child support. Roger was only paying me $250 as it was! He emotionally highjacks you so you don’t take him to court! I recently said I would forfeit all that he owes me if he would just be our daughter’s life but he hasn’t contacted her. He abates service and won’t return my calls!

Maybe this will get his attention!

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OMG girl! Dont let hm get away with not paying your child what he owes HER. If he doesn’t want to act like a father bribing him won’t work. Move on for your child’s sake, make hm pay and meet someone who will be a father to your child.

Make him pay? How? Nobody should pay when they don’t want to. You should have thought twice about having children with a person who doesn’t want them and can’t afford them.

Is Jack Boot a professional agitator or a dead beat dad seeking vengeance? At first, I suspected it was Roger himself. First, Jack Boot, not knowing our story, you can not make an intelligent comment. Our daughter will be 18 this April, he stopped paying 3 years ago because I moved to another province. I agree, you can not get money from someone who doesn’t have it; however, then go to court and prove it. He continues to allude service. I don’t believe him and HE has given me reason not to believe him. PLUS, I offered to forgo all child support owed if he picked up the phone and attempted a relationship with his daughter. He didn’t call and hasn’t called. When you have a child BOTH parents are financially responsible. He has been given every opportunity to be a father and not just financially.

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