Ronald Gregory Allen Jr

Posted on : 16-01-2011 | By : utoonozy | In : Deadbeat Dads, Oklahoma


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This piece of crap resides in Oklahoma where they REFUSE to do anything to him for not paying child support. My son is 14 (15 next month), and we have received exactly one payment in over two years. He also owes child support to two other women. The amount owed to all three of us is over$200,000. He has not been punished and all of our requests for prosecution have fallen on deaf ears. He very clearly told the judge that he will not pay child support and nothing has been done about it. If we, as the mothers, refused to take care of our children we would be thrown in jail for child neglect and our children taken away. Why should it be any different for them? The should be charged with not only felony non-support but child neglect as well. I have heard horror stories from other women dealing with the state of Oklahoma. It is time they step up and do their job. If you see this man stay far away from him ladies. He is worthless as a man and a father!

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