Ronnie Victor Smith Jr: Child Molestor / Deadbeat

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This Deadbeat Dad has 11 kids by 6 different women in 3 different states. He currently lives with his sister Dawn Smith in Williston, South Carolina…. She protects him because she’s a deadbeat mom. She lost custody of her 15 year old when she was just a little kid for being abusive, killed her second baby during her pregnancy, and recently lost custody of her 6 year old for being abusive and beating her with belts. It has been rumored for years that they are sleeping together, not sure but I do know that Ronnie has a baby with 1 of his cousins.
Ronnie is a registered sex offender who molested a 12 year old little girl. He currently has another baby on the way in Maryland, where he just left to avoid child support for baby he has in Florida. He gave his wife an std (genital warts). if you see him don’t fall for his southern charm …he is a drunk and very abusive. google his name and you will see that he molested a little girl! protect yourself from this monster and his family!

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Wow real deadbeat they shud cut his dick off

Ronnie Victor Smith SR had kids. Ronnie Victor Smith JR, Dawn Smith and Steven Smith, he abused his kids and they grew up just like him. they are like snakes in the grass. i have never met anyone so cold and sad in my life. he is running from the law as of right now in South Carolina. from the Orangeburg to Elko area. they are not sure of his whereabouts. he was staying with his sister but he now has to hide elsewhere. he is now dating his aunt. yes he is gross…… good luck finding him….

I know exactly where to find him. He’s in jail for failing to register as a sex offender!
Right where that asshole belongs.
Marrying him was the worst mistake of my life, and I’m glad I got a good man now.
Rot in jail Ron.

Btw his Aunt Mandy is now complaining of “woman problems”& how she has to go to the doctor after her affair with Ron…. guess the STD thing is true

Just nasty

Ron didn’t give me anything and yal need to learn yals own business and take care of yals own problems!!

So you admit ya fucked your husbands nephew.
just nasty

Did you see me put that on here?? I don’t think so so mind your own business!

Lets tell the truth here Nicole Beasley.
Before you go accusing somebody of being a baby killer, why don’t you admit how you killed your daughter?Its a matter of public record with the Barnwell County Coroners office that you rolled over on your baby and smothered it.
Kayland Eileen Smith would be alive if she didn’t have such a shitty mother.&& why are you still stalking him when your divorce was finalized in 2001?You should focus on your litter of bastards & not what Ron is doing.
Poor baby Kayland:

Ron WANTS to see his sons but is kept from them.If it wasnt for Ron & his family, that baby wouldnt have a gravesite, which you never even visit.Its so funny how you will say none of this to anyones face, yet chose to hide behind the internet.
Last laugh is on you because the truth is out there …& Ron will live happy without any of you crazy bitches. Stop stalking him, its pathetic.
Any1 who wants the truth can call Barnwell County Coroners & see YOU are a baby killer.
You killing his daughter destroyed your marriage. Anything else you say is irrelevant BABYKILLER!

Well lets see there is one problem to your solution here Dawn Smith… For 1 I did NOT make this page about your brother, Janessa did and for 2 Im not the one who killed my baby your brother did. And dont give me no shit when you tried to kill your first child who was born at 6 months because of the trauma to your stomach for punching yourself. The one you no longer have custody of. You succeeded in killing your son who you were 21 weeks pregnant with when you lost him. Thats why you got to name him before your mom buried him. Good job. And look your last child. you now no longer have custody of her either. Beat her with a belt now. So if you are going to point the murder finger at someone please point it at your reflection in the mirror. The funny thing is if I wanted to mess with your brother all I have to do is call your moms house and ask to talk to him. Which I have a better relationship with. Oh thats because I dont have a restraining order against me for losing my mind and trying to kill your STEP FATHER. The man who was always there for you. I gave your brother every option in the world, and still do to see his son, but you see there is nothing Ron can do now because he IS NO LONGER LISDTED as his sons father… He has absolutly no rights to him because my sons last name is now BEASLEY…. Thank your brother for not signing the custody papers, I did it without him.. And the best part is he still has to pay child support which is only $50 a month, and I am still waiting to receive that after 12 years… So please keep my fucking name out of your nasty mouth and go ruin some other mans life like you did your ex husband…. BITCH… I will be up there AGAIN in 2 weeks to my daughters grave so meet me there please that way you can kiss my ass…. I know the truth God knows the truth everyone that knows Ron knows the truth and My precious daughter knows the truth. So I dont care what your nasty ass says or thinks because I DAMN sure dont… I didnt ru from my son for 12 years he did. Thats why he owes 26,000 in back child support. and has failed 3 times to meet me to see his son..

#1 this is not Dawn, I am sure that she would have a lot more to say to your nasty ass than I do.
I am just a concerned person who knows your lying.
#2 it is in the Barnwell County Coroners report that you smothered your daughter, Ron wasnt there. You were the only one home when Kayland was murdered.
#3 your math is not even adding up, how does 50 dollars a month equal $26,000 dollars ?your son isn’t even that old dumbass.
No one gives a damn what name you call your son you cant erase his blood.
Do you see Ron everytime you look at him? I hope so!
#4 we know exactly who made this page so stop trying to blame that other girl, she is the only one who ISNT harassing Ron and trying to ruin his life.
We all know it was you, and you even spread it all over Facebook.
Bitch you are so stupid…
You & the other whore are busted. Next time be a little smarter about it.
Fyi if you truly believed that he killed HIS baby why in the world you going to have another child with him?
like Judge Judy says if it doesn’t add up& it doesn’t make sense, it isnt true.

For #1 I used MY NAME to leave a comment. For #2 You must be stupid. Ron is the one who called 911 while I was doing CPR because he didnt know how. At the time I did not know he killed my daughter. My 12 year old son, Rons blood son is the one who told me. Which is very scary seeing is my daughter is older. Just for the whole world to know this and can do their own math. Ron was supposed to make his first child support payment on March 5th 2001… It is now 11 years later and to me that adds up to $26,400. I dont know what is wrong with your calculator but mine works fine… So whoever you are like I said I will be at my daughters grave in about 2 weeks… Meet me there so YOU can kiss MY ASS…. Greatfully I see my side of the family in my son. If I did make this page I would not have called his mom and tell her to tell Janessa Scott to take it off. And I have NEVER called him RONNIE. I hated his dad. I even thougt it was wrong. Like I said if I wanted to talk to Ron all I have to do is call his moms house and talk to him. And why on Gods green Earth would I want to wait all these years to even think about making a childish page like this. I have had 7 kids 6 of them are with my HUSBAND of 10 YEARS. The only reason I had this many kids is for several reasons. The first reason is because I could never fill the hole in my heart of losing my daughter but I could fill my arms with love, second I come from a huge family and wanted a huge family of my own, and third I WANTED TO and IM GROWN… I did NOT spread it on facebook I told his brother and sister about it just so they could warn him of what she was doing after calling me and his soon to be ex wife and telling us she did it. You are not as smart a Judge Judy so please do not use her in any of your quotes again. Please do your homework before you comment on this again. You really look retarded.. I GOT DIVORCED WHEN MY SON WAS 8 MONTHS OLD (MARCH 1, 2001), MY SON IS NOW 12. MY DAUGHTERS DEATH CERTIFICATE WHICH I HAVE SAYS POSITIONAL ASPHYXIATION, CRIB DEATH. AND BE ALOT BRAVER AND USE YOUR NAME TO LEAVE A MESSAGE DONT HIDE BEHIND THETHRUTHISOUTTHERE. My name is Nikki Beasley and I was smart enough to get away from Ron Smith after a year of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. thanks to his sad ass 3 of his sons have to see a therapist.. Get a life Dawn Smith….

If this was Dawn, you would be getting your ass beat for the lies you spread about her children.
If you want to keep bringing Dawn into it her and I will meet you at the grave if you give me a date so I can watch her whip your ass.
YOU make comments on your facebook & laughed about this page & spread it, the other girl did not! it’s awful funny that you google his name 12 years later & mysteriously discover this page.
YOU spread it by posting it on both of his brother and sisters facebook walls that’s not telling him ….that is spreading it.
Not to mention that the IP address attached to the post come back to you & the other whore.
Janessa does not even talk to either 1 of you and you continuously pursued her for ” friendship” and that’s why she blocked you. I talked to her & she doesn’t want anything to do with any of you. The family business that you speak of she would not have any knowledge of….
I know the truth.
your fat ass rolled over on that baby when she should have been in her bassinet instead of in the bed with you! you killed her!
you like to blame everyone else but you don’t take accountability for your own actions…
so you have moved on huh ?
then why are you still harassing & pursuing Ron. why do you care if your so happily married?

I bet Ron will meet you & your fat husband at the grave site and see what he has to say about you killing that baby and whip your husband ass right front of you
… not because he cares about you, but because you killed his daughter!
give us a date and I will make sure you get this meeting, I promise your ass isn’t getting kissed though, but kicked.

November 24th around noon or so. Either you are related to the Smiths or a new friend of Dawns or one of Rons new flings for the moment for you to be defending Dawn. Everyone that knows her knows she is crazy knows about her kids and knows she will stab someone in the back quicker than hell…. I dont know why or when but Janessa did not block me i just sent her a little message tellin her to tell the truth. Dont ever share my daughters website again. That website would not be there if it wasnt for me and you do not have the right to share it… Since you are too chicken shit to tell me who you are, and you keep claiming your NOT Dawn I am going to have to guess you are one of those STUPID Smiths and should shut your fucking mouth seeing is that when I was with Ron he was not allowed to go to any of yalls house when he was with me… and if you are not one of them Smiths then i will have to guess you are his new fling for now and would have to say if you want the truth then talk to his momma. oh, what is that did Ron tell you that his mom died like he did his last GF… did he tell you about his one month old son that got run over by a train….. how about the million dollar trust fund set up for that child that got hit by a train and he can access it anytime. oh wait did he get a vasectomy? after 11 kids he damn sure needs one… how about that he was charged with lewd and lacivious upon a minor oh wait he didnt do that. thats right the girl walked in on him…. get your facts straight and on the 24th dont stand there and watch because you will also be layin next to your good buddy Dawn I plan on fucking both of you up… you crossed the line bitch. YOU DONT KNOW ME…!!! if you got the balls maybe you will send me a message on facebook, on here or even call me hell i am NOT hiding from anyone… i will choke a bitch. (your name here) (Dawns name here).


I am Janessa Scott, the one and only.
I have never posted anything about Ronnie on the Internet nor will I.
I never told anyone that I posted this website, in fact you told Valerie about it who told me about it.
This is why I don’t talk to any of you all. You wanted my response so here it is a public now…
if I was going to post something I would put my name on it and want someone to know I did it ! what good is doing something if you’re going to hide it?
You give me way too much credit to think that 6 months later I’m still sitting here caring what any of you guys do. I am only responding to clear MY name.
I don’t care what Ronnie does, I don’t care what you do and I don’t care what his sister does. I don’t care what anybody says.
This battle doesnt concern me, so dont message me for help, when you blatantly lied and said that I posted this when you know damn well that I didn’t even know about it til you guys told me about it.
I dont understand what pleasure you all get out of arguing over a man who has obviously moved on. Let him live his life & dont worry about all this drama. Everyone has the right to move on and be happy just like I told you on the phone, just because he didn’t choose to be with any of us doesn’t mean that gives you or anyone else any right to interfere in his life.
I personally do not care & you shouldnt either.
If this is all about the kids, then what is this really doing for any of them???
1 day maybe they will see this post on the internet and it’s a shame that they have to read what their parents are arguing back and forth about.
Hopefully I can raise my daughter to never act like any of you all.
For the record I didnt make this site, and I have better things to do with my time. Good luck if the police decide to pursue the slander tho, because IP addresses tell their own tales. Anything done in darkness comes to light.

Whooaa looks like your alibi was shot. Kind of hard to put the blame on somebody now when she just busted your ass out.
&&&& wait a minute I thought if you had something to say to Ron you would call and say to his face whats all the stuff your posting now?miss “I’m not talking shit about him”….
I love how you spew back with random ass insults that dont make sense. details ??name your sources BITCH. Where are the crazy stories coming from??
I have never heard Ron say anything about a baby getting ran over by a train ! the only thing he talks about a baby dying is the 1 you killed… it was hard to believe until I read it with my own eyes in the coroners report.
I am neither his new fling, nor a family member… I am someone who knows that you’re full of shit!
and I would post my name however I don’t want you creating websites about me next, I have a job to do& my boss wouldn’t appreciate seeing my name splashed over social media outlets.
0h that’s right you wouldnt know anything about work… the state of Florida gets to pay to raise your family. Neither you or your husband have a job!
We will be posted up at the babys grave & I promise you wont show.
what kind of sick mother arranges to get her ass beat on her daughters grave site, yeah you really have alotta respect for your baby…
I guess the state of Florida has something in common, you and Casey Anthony both killed your kids got away with it .
I will post any damn thing I want about Kaylands website. You don’t own her…. just because you took the baby away from the entire world doesn’t make her yours, it makes you her murderer.

That’s funny because Valerie told me about I. And now that I sent you a message on facebook to post a comment on here I went and looked. The same person wo ALSO tol me they had gentital warts I the onewho made this website because that was the only other wife. She is mad at him for cheating on her with you. Now it all adds up. But oh well I really don’t give to a rats ass about that piece of shit or his sister or the other bitch whoever she is. I’m pissed because they won’t keep my daughter out o their mouth when they don’t know shit. I’m done with this and hopefully valerie will be kind enough to remove this ad off this website and give the past a break…..

Ronnie didnt cheat on her with me, they were broken up and he was living somewhere else. I am not going to be made to look like a home wrecker, their house was tore up long before me.
I wandered into the minefield UN knowningly!
I really don’t care because I got a beautiful little girl out of the whole situation. She will be well worth it! Good luck to everyone. You all need it.

Your right random person Nikki Beasley is everything you just said. Damn you know me well. The only thing you don’t know is how stupid you sound to everyone that knows the truth. But its ok it will be known one day what happened. There are about 80 people besides you and Dawn that know the truth. 3 are me ron and my baby girl. Keep her name and her thoughts out your mouth. And bitch you don’t know shit about me never have never will.

So let me get this straight…. outta 80 people you could only name 3& 1 of them is yourself& the other ones dead…. Hmmmm seems shady to me

hey since this all about me I figured I put in my 2 cents. first of all I didn’t kill my daughter you rolled over on her Nikkie. second of all wont any of you crazy bitches bring this drama to my daughters grave site. Ill camp out from the 23rd to the 26th and if I catch you there I’ll fuck all of you up. that include your fat ass husband to. you know I won’t play any games with your ass. best thing for all of you to do is avoid my daughters grave site. the only 1 acting like an adult in the whole situation is Miss Scott. and Valerie didn’t post that shit on the Internet either so that leaves only 1 person and thats you Nicole. I’ll be there waiting with my daughter if any of you show up ill fuck all of you up. it’s a shame I get woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning to see this crazy shit going on. fuck off and grow up.

You bitches can keep my name out of your mouth.
I will do and say whatever I want.
He dont support his kids and never has. My kids dont even want to see him and are tramatized that he abused them. He got that fat whore pregnant and is to blame for all of this.
I didnt give up on him, he is a liar and cheater. He hurt me by getting a bitch knocked up.
Love and hate Wont collide because I am not giving any more chances.

I dont support my kids yet you just got off the phone asking me for MORE money. I have all my reciepts to show where I sent money anytime my babies need anything.
Its awful funny how I dont support my kids yet a child you had with another man calls me Daddy cause that little girl knows I raised her for 8 years.
I NEVER abused my kids, those babies love me.
& I just got a voicemail this morning from MY son saying the same thing.
He loves me and he misses me.
Its awful funny that you dont know anything about this shit yet I caught you in at least 5 lies about your nigger boyfriend.
The states attorney doesnt believe your bullshit and thats why he is not in jail.
Excuse me now, I have to get my baby pizza and shoes because thats what he asked for.
All you crazy bitches dont matter, only my kids do.

1st off i am not the one posting stupid shit on here so for the stupid ho who keeps posting comments on here about me and acttin like ur me get ur shit stright! i will come after ur ass for using my id! i am not for these fucking high school games! It seems to me that there is someone else here that has some hard fucking feelings and needs to come out of the dark about shit and stop actting scared!! I dont have an std and there is proof so before posting information about me and MY KIDS you better make sure what the fuck your talking about and have proof mother fucker! i dont play i can be the bitch i was before i had youngins!
As for you ron yeah your kids talk to u and tell you that they love and miss you but i am not the one doing theses childish things and i will get a lawyer i dont care who it is family not family i will make sure whoever is doing this will get jail time for bring my name in this shit! so take this post as you want!

Ms. scott we were and still are married so either way you look at it you’re a home wrecker! i dont give a fuck what you got to say And I have nothing for you or that crazy as bitch nikki so keep posting stupid shit all of you will get burned!

Lmao Valerie, you told me you have an STD so don’t even try that shit
I don’t mention your name so don’t fucking mention mine.
I’m not the 1 that said you have an STD though but apparently the whole world knows about it.
Dont get mad at me because you can’t keep your family together. You threw him out & I was the only one there for him.
Fuck you and your threats because you tried that shit before and the police said you were crazy.

Apparantly you have alot to say to me because the first chance you get to contact me, you have.
I dont talk to any of you because you are crazy bitches.
I think its hilarious that your pitiful little life is still in upheavel.. Be a fucking woman & worry about yourself.
Yep im having his baby, get the fuck over it.
Hope you cry yourself to sleep knowing you
couldnt keep your man happy so he went elsewhere.
Shoulda treated him better.
PS had a wonderful time in SC with him two weels ago, lmao stop blowing up his phone bitch.

you know what your a whore and what how many kids you have and you dont have them but the baster child your having now with ron fuck you fuck all of you i wash my hands with the whole thing my kids will not be apart of this bull shit and i wont either fuck you that means you got it to stupid ho!!!!!!!!!!!!! and steven and whoever else you all fucked

keep on rons not the only one who went to the law digg a hole bitches i dont give a fuck!

i dont cause he doesnt do shit broken promies bitch fuck you tell him to sign the fucking papers and stop calling me crying bitch i will fuck you up keep my fucking name out your mouth i am in hagerstown i am worried about fat nasty whores!!!!

everyone is fucking stupid for falling for his bullshit fuck off

everyone is fucking stupid for falling for his bullshit fuck off i dont need him and i dont hes blocked stupid fat ho who fucked his brother nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

well from what I hear you fucked Steven long before I did, so what are you mad?
I tested negative and I’ve been tested negative 6 times since this whole thing came out & I don’t have anything! therefor 1 of your nigger boyfriends probably gave it to you.

I saw the messages you sent to Steven myself talking about how you’re going to fuck him in front of Ronnie.
At least tell the truth.
& yes I have custody now, I jumped through all the hoops to get my kids back …
What would you do for yours but sit on your lazy ass in the fucking ghetto. Begging for money.
Kissing your kids with the same lips you sucked niggers off with.
Your reputation proceeds you.
I dont have to convince anyone of myself, you are the one who is using children as leverage
I am woman enough to realize that when a man wants to be in his childrens life you should let him regardless of your personal feelings.

Go to the cops, tell them I said hi & to check your insurance cause from what I hear you are driving with none.
at least I was woman enough to admit to what I did… Bet people have more respect for you if you just told the truth.
At least I am smart enough to realize that MY kids come first & would do ANYTHING to provide for them.
Get a job and move out of public housing, its not a good place to raise kids.
Dont contact me or respond again, from this point on any further contact from you is considered harassment.

fuck you trashy ass whore! and come out to the fucking public housing i will whipp your fat white ass! what you pissed! hows he know its his bitch!!!!

i didnt fuck around on that bitch and he knows it i wouldnt touch steven with a fucking ten foot pole fuck you nasty ass keep responding bitch

i sit on my ass bitch you dont fucking know me bring your ass out here i dont give a fuck about you or your basterd child fuck you keep my name out your fucking mouth and keep it up with the nigger shit i got someone who will take care of that

GARY LEE RANDLE = horrible human |…/ronnie-victor-smith-jr-child-molestor-deadbeat/

Sep 13, 2011 – valeire smith on Ronnie Victor Smith Jr: Child Molestor / Deadbeat; valeire smith on Ronnie Victor Smith Jr: Child Molestor / Deadbeat; valeire …

clear my name right quick…

I was able to determine that yes Ron did fuck his Uncles wife. In fact they were dating for 2 months. Mandy Smith, another whore who likes to fuck married men. ( not her husband but mine!)
Any one can go to Rons Facebook and read the actual messages where the bitch admits it all.
I made them public, look under timeline photos, screen shot 1 thru 4.
Proof that he fucks family

Takes one to know one since u were fucking a black man or men and you are just mad because he doesn’t want u anymore. I am going to kindly ask you only ONE time to quit bringing my name up in all of this!! I am getting damn sick and tired of all of this bullshit and that’s what it is!! I also heard that u fucked steven to valerie so who is keeping it in the family now bitch!!!

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446
Thank you so much!

He has another baby on the way and doesnt see any of the kids he already made
needs to be nuetured

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