Run AWAY from him if ya see him in BROOKLYN

Posted on : 10-11-2010 | By : bkboobigs | In : Deadbeat Dads, New York


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Come to find out this guy got two kids with two baby mamas at 20 years old. No job he stink no place to live no money phone alwayz off n he suppose to b a rapper. He do nothing for his kids come to find out. He smokes all day but talk about how he gonna make it big n about how he HAD a girl thats a model. I talked to one of his baby mamas in new york and she told me how he is a deadbeat. one day he just picked up n went to miami jus to have fun wit some girl! She told me that the other baby mama dont even want him in they child life! He wants to have fun instead of being a father. thats not right. He lied so much to me and did me so wrong. He goes by the name of Ketchup with a group called GMR. His real name is Equan Brown and he live in Brooklyn. Dont trust him. He also gave me something from oral sex. Im warning other gurls in BK.

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