Ryan Cusack, Deadbeat Father.

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Ryan Cusack, he is 20 year old father of my 1 year old son. Met him & got pregnant when I was 15. We broke up while I was pregnant and a couple weeks before going into labour we got back together for me to find out our whole relationship he cheated on me, with not just anyone … His sister Melissa Mcintyre. He has nothing to do with my son, he is by far one of the biggest deadbeats of Fredericton, NB.

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WOW…thats pretty f-d up cheating with his own sister

I cannot believe you waste your time making this just to make yourself feel better. This is not true Ryan is my brother and he is not dating his sister. Obviously you still cant get over the fact that you guys are not together anymore. So stop trying to make ryan look bad because you cant get over him taylor. This is completely disrespectful. Ryan is a good dad and brother i would know.. and melissa is not his or my sister but his girlfriend. Get a fucking life and get over yourself.

This here shows what a 15 year old mother would do to get his attention. Good luck with that.

Katie Hall.

Just thought everyone should see the fb convesation i had with taylor after i made the first comment today…

Taylor Moore ಌ September 14 at 3:53pm Report
Listen, the website thing was a joke and I didnt even think it would have turned out the way it did and honestly I dont care what you say or think .. Cause clearly you dont know anything Ryan is far from a perfect father … And when we first started dating he introduced Melissa as his sister so there for its his fault why people think that. Your ” brother ” is a useless pig and brought it all on himself.

Katie Hall September 14 at 4:06pm
Whether its a joke or not.. Its making you look immature for posting that. Its between you and ryan not between you and everyone else to post something on the internet. No ones laughin. I just found it extremely disrespectful. He is my brother and of course that’s going to piss me off. I think it would be a good idea to delete it. I’ve never had anything against you Taylor but seeing something like this really makes me question. If you don’t find him a good father that’s your opinon. But I’ve seen him with Lucas and I would disagree with you. So enough with the bullshit.. Because if you if you guys ever decide to get along for Lucas.. This kind of stuff is ruining any chance of that.
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Taylor Moore ಌ September 14 at 4:10pm Report
I’ve tried to get along with him but it doesn’t work and I dont care if I look immature to you .. Everyone else whos been around me & lucas since he’s been born knows how Ryan treats me and how he cant keep his word on taking care of Lucas. Anywho on the 27th this will no longer be a problem because I will get full custody and all rights..

Katie Hall September 14 at 4:31pm
your not making yourself look immature to just me. its a lie and rediculous you spend your time trying to make him look bad. easy to see theres some jealousy for melissa or else you wouldnt continuosly be trying to do stupid shit like this. ryans relationship with melissa is none of your buisness so save yourself the embarrasment of posting this kind of shit about them when its obvious your not over it. who he is dating has nothing to do witj him being lucas father. this conversation is over

Okay taylor , now i know both ryan and melissa perfectly and if you hadnt noticed melissa is an only child , ask her mother , seriously you need to get over yourself and stop writing things about 2 of my best friends , who is the one texting ryan saying he can never see his son , who texts him all those nasty names i have seen from you !? he has always tried to see Lucas and you always say no because of melissa, get over it they love eachother , sorry that he doesnt love an ignorant little bitch who post things like these on the internet , personally if it was me i woulda kicked the shit out of you a long time ago , but melissa tries to keep the peace and stay out of your way as much as she can , but as far as im concerned she shouldnt have to , she has and never will try to take the roll of mommy to YOURS and RYANS son , if she wanted a kid she would have one , ryan is clearly able to make them , unfourtinately he had one with someone like you. He was there for you through the whole thing and everyone that knows him and has seen him with Luke knows he loves that little boy with all his heart and sees all the nasty things that you say to him . You were obviously to young to have a baby considering you treating his father this way is not good for him , like is it so hard for you to grow up and be a mommy ? Try and think about Lucas he needs a father and considering the guys I HAVE seen you with dont look like very good guys to have around your son . Everyone and i mean EVERYONE is just so tired of this bullshit and drama you cause . Ive even heard some of YOUR friends say that you took it to far ! And how about people actually start looking and put more of the blame on the mother who is so jealous she makes up things like this , and ive seen pictures of you driving with Lucas and hes not in a car seat and hes just rolled over side ways, so really your not much better ! just leave the alone and get over yourself, and full custody ? i wouldnt give you part custody of my pet rock .

Okay listen here ” bitch ” if your going to sit here and try and rip me up how about growing some balls and telling me who you are. And as of melissa being an only child ……. Why the fuck would ryan introduce her as his sister when we first started dating? Why would melissa run around screaming because ryan got me pregnant? Why does or did she call kenny dad? Its wrong ok they met through their parents who used to date. Get over it. And jealous? Of what.. Melissa has nothing on me clearly cause I am not dating my step brother :) ! As far as lucas and any of them go they know nothing about lucas. Pretty sad when my friends know more about him then his own father and if you think taking your child for 2 hours once a month is parenting your fucking stupid . And as of ryan clearly you guys don’t know the lies he told me or melissa pretty sure a couple months ago he was texting me and bagging me not to tell melissa I still have the texts and I have nothing to explain to you, your not worth my time and thanks for the letter ill be sure to read your 2 cents worth to the courts on the 27th oh and ps. I don’t want custody of your pet rock I’m a single mother you quiff.


Ok can this Ryan guy speak himself… All these “girls” on here trying to back him up when clearly he doesn’t give a flying fuck… First he is a CHILD MOLESTER… 20 years old fucking a 15yr old… he needs his nasty ass beat… The Melissa chick must be young to if she is going let this man introduce her to his girllfriend as his sister… fuck him knowing he is fucking a litte girl… NOT BRIGHT AT ALL!!!!… And to his sister… he may be your brother don’t make him perfect and it also doesn’t mean you know him 100%… this girl is a CHILD “so you can trash that maturity talk”… doing adult things… see ya ass should of been in school and not fucking around!!!! Little girl you have got alot to learn about life… so keep ya legs closed… because clearly you didn’t know this man before you started sleeping with him ” his first and last name” doesn’t count as knowing him… Remember nobody loves a hoe for long!!! So if you dont want to be treated as such… don’t act as such…

~ if you see shit.. step over it… don’t sleep with it~

the fact that they call the same guy DAD doesnt make them blood related…just messed up!! But that doesnt make him a crappy Dad. What makes hima crappy Dad is lack of child support, lack of interest in this child. The fact that this child doesnt even know him or his family is what makes him a crappy dad! A real Dad who cared would make sure that thier baby was looked after!

This guy is a pedophile! Why is he not in jail for statutory rape? If this was my daughter, you would be in jail and branded a sex offender for life! Taylor, where are your parents? You are their responsibility, and it’s clear, they are not doing their job as parents, and should also be put in jail.
I’ll leave you with one of the most amazing quotes I’ve ever heard and one that every woman should live by,
“Believe nothing a man tells you and everything he shows you”….(Taken from a farewell video from a dying father to his infant daughter on dating)”
— Randy Pausch

Why do you keep trying to attack Melissa? A child deserves all the love they can get you should be happy he is with someone who is great with kids. You are selfish and better keep your hands off her I know you’ve tried and threaten to beat her up….you will regret it just like Lucas will regret a mother like you. I know you’re young but you have no choice but to grow up and do whats best for him not u

All of you bad mouthing Melissa and Ryan obviously don’t know them, you are going by what Taylor says?? You need to grow up too

i am not going to bad mouth anyone but i will say this if he was in america he would be in prison with big men that like small men just saying …….and taylor girl good luck on raising you baby i do hope everything goes well for you and try to wait to have anymore kids till after college

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