Ryan Keith Hickey

Posted on : 15-08-2013 | By : Feedup42long | In : Deadbeat Dads, Kentucky


Ryan at Bristol 8-27-2011.JPG (31 KB)

Ryan only has to pay $368 a month plus 27% of childcare, medical bills and activities. He thinks he does not have to pay for the 27% though. As of May 2012 he has not paid one penny. He’s over $2000 behind right now, yet he is still able to take the kids on vacation to Florida for 10 days and goes to Kentucky Speedway. The picture posted is from last years Bristol race… he was a year behind in support when it was taken. Just dont think its fair he is out there livin it up, making his kids think hes the greatest person in the world, but doesnt try or even want to help support them.

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