Sad but so true :(

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MY ex-husband has got to be the most unfit parent in the universe. he has moved to Oklahome before we were divorced legally because i kicked out after finding out he had a meth problem and cheated on me. the girl he cheated on me with he is now married to and they have two kids together. he does not call my kids. he does not offer to come see them. i have let them go to oklahoma a few times, but the strories my babies tell me are awful and i can’t imagine them having to see that. they are bright and wonderful children. Brent was ordered to pay $521 plus keep or pay for insurance. he doesn have insurancne for him or his other kids so i suppose thats why he thinks he doesnt have to pay for my kids. he does not pay child support. owes me over $12k which i will NEVER see. he’s just not a good person and i hate that mychildren suffer because of it.

Brent Blair… you ARE a deadbeat dad.


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OMG I know a guy who looks EXACTLY like this! does he ever go by the name of Eddie ?

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