Sad Excuse for a Man!

Posted on : 19-02-2011 | By : DiscoStranger | In : Colorado, Deadbeat Dads


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John Jordan

Get a load of this weasel! This is the saddest excuse for a man I’ve ever met. Owes thousands in arrears and doesn’t care about paying or catching up. He works and has the ability to pay, he’s just a shit bag that doesn’t care about his children. The only thing he cares about is having money in his own pocket. He’ll cheat and steal any way he can to keep it that way. He hides his income and lies about it. He cheats on his taxes too! That’s right folks, he’s screwing you too!

In the recent past he’s bout his girlfriend a car, bought himself a new truck, and moved into a larger home. Has he paid his paltry child support obligation? Nope! He’s a low form of scum that every human should take time to learn to hate. He belongs in jail.

He works as an appliance installer in the Denver market. If you are having appliances delivered to your home, verify who is doing the delivery. He works for a company called M.D.C., Inc. Make sure he’s not the one delivering something to you. He’ll steal from your home when you’re not looking.

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I have known John for over 10 years. I always knew there was something not right about him. Now the truth has come out. Why would you put someone that is not the mother of your children before them. What a loser. Dads like this make it hard for the great dads in the world. THANKS ALOT LOSER! Grow a pair and step up and take care of your children.

I would post him on

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