Posted on : 08-03-2011 | By : bestmom | In : Alabama, Deadbeat Dads


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Melsun is thee worst father on this earth. His now oldest child is 2 years old and all he ever got him was two pairs of snow pants, a pair of pants, a case of cheap ass luvs diapers and three pairs of shows(well really two cus he took a pair back to the store to get him a hat). Now he on his second child and nothing has changed. When Melsun was locked up he made it seen like he was going to come home and be the best father for his son but all he do is smoke, drink, and mess with little girls. I feel like if u caan smoke and drink all day whats the problem with taking care of your child. And the sad part about him about to have another baby is that he’s the one who wanted the baby

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