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In a shameless attempt to maintain his facade as rock guitar icon, successful roofing contractor, wine connoisseur, rightful homeowner, full-time playboy and sometime blackjack addict, ├╝ber deadbeat Scott Tartaglia has stooped to a new all-time low and outdone even himself!

Citing a downed economy and stock market losses, Tartaglia duped his daughter, Jade, age 20, into signing over her inheritance from grandparents Al & Ginnie Tartaglia directly to himself. Tartaglia led his daughter to believe he was investing her money “in a more lucrative venture.” After 20 years of trying to extract support from this P.O.S., Tartaglia then went so far as to proffer a $500 payment for child support arrears to ex-wife Deanna funded by her own daughter, besting his former all time low of usurping his bed-ridden father’s retirement account to purchase a Porsche Boxster for himself. According to Tartaglia, an accounting of the funds was not available. The cash is unaccounted for and “will not be available for three or four months.”

It was also discovered a priceless doll collection, also part of his daughter Jade’s inheritance, was sold, the proceeds, unaccounted for were, of course, intended for Scott’s exclusivity!

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