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This is the sorriest male to ever walk the face of the earth!!!! The biggest mistake of my life was marrying him when I was 15 and staying marryied to him for 20 years. During this time I had two beautiful boys that I have had to raise and support all by myself. He spent the majority of our marriage in prison or up under some ho. He has never done anything for MY BOYS except donate the sperm. While we were together he served out a 10 yr sentence and then recently just got another 15 years. I tried for over 4 years to get him served by the Child Support Office in Lexington. I have tried to let him have visitation even though he believes he does not have to help support these boys. Now he is with this crazy whacked out “woman” and I am not going to let my boys be influenced by that bunch. She tries to claim my boys as hers and says she loves them like her own which is not saying anything. She puts whatever man shes with at the time before her kids OBVIOUSLY. He lays off on her and HER BOYS and does not work just steals from people and does drugs. He served me papers for time-sharing a few months ago. When we went to court the judge could not believe he would serve me papers when he is almost $6000 in arrears on child support. He stated “So I still dont get to see my kids” and the judge said NO. He is ordered to pay over $300 a month plus $30 on arrears. Last month they waited til the day of court and then his “woman” paid $200 dollars and the court gave him another month. Now another month as went by and no payments were made. Apparently he believes the child support system is a joke and so do I. My son is over 17 years old and he has paid $200 in child support. Obviously the CHILD SUPPORT SYSTEM IS A JOKE!!!!

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I have searched for the name Scott Thomas Crouch. There is no such name with a criminal record.
Are you maybe stretching the truth?
You could be sued for slander.

Mr. Jack ass…. You are pathetic. You are just another deadbeat.

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