Sex Offender and Deadbeat Dad Raj Dhadda from Calgary

Posted on : 24-08-2011 | By : shewrites | In : Canada, Deadbeat Dads


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This loser from Calgary Alberta says his children are dead to him and he racked up a $9000 child support arrear. When the judge and Maintenance Enforcement forced him to pay, he came to me and the kids and apologized for all the beatings ad sexual abuse and when I forgave him, he asked me to drop the child support order. Of course when I said no, I seen the real Raj. That is how pathetic he is that he actually gave us a fake apology for his crimes just to try and get off paying. All he wants to do is screw other women when he has Erectile Dysfunction and his penis smells like an outhouse. I recently asked him to pay his portion for the daycare which is the least he could do since I dont even qualify for many jobs with the daycare hours and Im driving them, and he said he wasnt paying anything. He is 34 and never left his parents. This is the biggest loser you will ever see and he goes to nightclubs and tries to blend in with the 18yr olds with his receeding hairline and crowsfeet that spread across his face when he laughs. Not to mention the black rings around his eyes like a worn out exhausted old man fooling himself. He looks idiodic dancing. He also has excema on one of his ass cheeks and it turned one side of his ass raw and discoloured. Also bruised the kids black and blue and would drive drunk with them in the car swerving all over the road. And came home drunk and shook the newborns crib until she was rolling side to side. What a catch!

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