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Craig Gerber – currently living in Union, Ohio. 34 years old and biological father to 3 incredible boys. A little back story – we were married for nearly 12 years, so this isn’t some “baby daddy” story where I am money hungry. He wrote bad checks that withdrew our bank account by over $30k, so I left him. I couldn’t raise my boys in that kind of environment where he had no sense of responsibility. I should have seen what was coming after that, but I never thought he would sink as low as he has.

This deadbeat dad lives in a state of denial. He is over $22,000 behind in child support and has made a grand total of less than $960 in payments over the last three years. He is the classic “self-employed-I don’t make enough money to pay ANYTHING to my kids” type of guy but made sure he had enough funds to marry his girlfriend. Well, at least he made an honest woman of her, since he is supporting her two kids. He didn’t even bother to send his own three boys an invitation to his wedding, nor did he call to ask if they could go – but her two kids were there.

He has had a few aboveboard jobs over the years, but as soon as the CSEA gets ready to garnish his wages, he pulls a magical disappearing act and is gone. He has moved 7 times in the past 3 years, including moving as far away as Florida in an attempt to avoid support. Now he’s back in Ohio, back to working under the table and back to pretending he’s Father of the Year. I think it’s time his family and friends know the truth.

He constantly self-congratulates on how great of a dad he is, of how much he loves his boys, but here’s the harsh reality… he hasn’t bothered to call and speak to them for 10 months… 10 MONTHS! This is a “man” who professes adoration for his kids… but only when he has an audience to pat him on the back… such as his Facebook page.

We are currently involved in court hearing after court hearing as the CSEA and other agencies try to sort out his pitiful life. Today we had a hearing and he found out he is facing 90 days in jail as this is his SECOND civil contempt conviction. He whines and cries about not wanting to go to jail and blames me for his troubles… of course I am the “evil ex-wife” who “did this to him”. Last hearing he actually had the nerve to tell the magistrate (and I quote) “She’s just trying to get me arrested!” To which the magistrate replied (succinctly, I might add) “For what, disobeying a court order? If you weren’t doing anything wrong, she wouldn’t be able to “GET” you arrested!” I’m sure they hear that kind of simpering stupidity all the time.

It doesn’t matter, though… while the wheels of justice move slow, they DO move. And there is no getting out of the inevitability of jailtime.

Let me make this simple for you – PAY YOUR SUPPORT ~OR~ GO TO JAIL!!! It really is that easy to understand.

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Nice tie Craig… Now pay your child support!

DITTO! Jail is inevitable. Get it together Craig!

My friend’s ex lives in Union too! Hope they don’t get together and discuss their secrets. He is terrible. 25K behind. Calls her a bitch and a cunt weekly in front of their kids when she goes to pick them up. Does all kinds of stuff to avoid payment. If you want to share stories, I can pass your email on to her. Email me at

that is just sick, hope he dose go to jail it may make him wake up, for a friend of mine it wasn’t untill her ex went to jail he got his happy butt to work and is now up to date on CS. men, oh and the whole dad of the year made me laugh! my ex is the same way, hasn’t seen my daughter in lest see…16months! plead guitly to abuseing her, but oh no on facebook he is the best dad and misses his little girl…right. men

so sorry that this shit happened to you my dad was never around turns out later in life i was glad for it, being with out a father drove me to be i think a better one hopefully it will do the same for all the children that suffer now because of these useless human being

WOW! I am very sorry to hear all of this. I sure do wish I knew who wrote this. I have some information on your behalf. Including his other ex-wife and your three boys.

Oh? Do tell, please.

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