Shamsiddin aka Sham Al-Uqdah A Real DEADBEAT!

Posted on : 09-09-2011 | By : So_Tired_ofit86 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Michigan


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Sham has a son that he only seen a few times and his son is 5years old. He has never been there for any birthdays or holiday he never once paid child support! He filed for custody and they gave him joint custody and said we must remain in contact and since then he changed his number and he refuses to respond to emails or anything else. his son has not spoke to him in over a year. He went to FOC and said he was waiting for his SSI to be approved and they stopped child supposrt based on that but yet he’s never paid once before that so that didnt make sense.He lives in Jackson, MI and he has a facebook under Shamsiddin Brown. He recently had another baby, i’m not sure if he’s there for that one or not. Jackson County is helping him more than they would ever help me. They pay his rent they give him gift cards to shop and they help with transportation. He has insurance and food stamps. He has a criminal history and he recieve all this helps, it’s almost like a thank you for being a bad father and a horrible humanbeing. When we lived in Jackon and I would have his son call he would say he was comin to get him the next day and his son would be waiting by the door bags packed and at the last min we got a phone call sayin he wasnt comin he was going to hang out and our son would sit there and cry! He use to call CPS on me and try to get him taken just because he was mad or because he said he “heard” something from someone. It’s completely unfair that they are helping him and not making him pay child support when he wont do anything for his son. Something Needs to be done about that!!

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So Barbara Addison you thank by slandering my name that make u good mom and 1 I can’t be a deadbeat when my son mother hide him and want let me see him Foc want do anything 2 the both of you are made because we are no longer togather welcome to Barbara u pop pills and drive around with your son in your car pregnant and still do it best dad ever my son knows it

By the way I’m great father got three sons that love me

Hi haters for one how can I be a deadbeat when my sons mother hides my son from me and too if I have severe pain flashback muscle spasms and seizures then how is a dead beat because I can’t work why did you girls get pregnant then run away dum dum answer that love my son by haters

Well I know one son that dont love cause he don’t even know you. You since that child once since he been born, Do you know where he lives? Yes you do. You were told you could visit him wherever you like but you a no show. Now he do not need someone like you in his life. You never paid child support on him either. So do not call yourself a great/good father cause you’re not. You are in arrearment close to $8,000 dollars. FOC a joke for letting you get away with this.

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