Shawn Thomas Quay Dead beat Dad in Faribault MN runs a business owes over $42,000 in child support

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Shawn Thomas Quay of Faribault, MN owes his one and only daughter over $42,000 in child support. He has been self employed for years and years and has chosen not to pay his obligation to his daughter. He has let another man take care of his responsibility.
Shawn Quay runs a business out of Faribault MN out of the Car Corral right outside of Faribault on Cedar Lake Blvd. He works on cars for cash and skips out of paying his child support, but yet he can pay to rent the building.
This has gone on for many years and he doesn’t have the decency to see his child or form a relationship with her. She is now old enough to understand that her own flesh and blood could not send her any money to help support her.
Freeborn County Court in Albert Lea where our divorce was filed out of in 1997 has done ZERO to hold him accountable and the Child Support unit I have worked with for years is worthless in helping me because I am not on the “System”…….how can these losers get off?????
Who is looking out for these children who have deadbeats for dads?
$42,350 is my daughters college fund, or a downpayment on a house, or a new car…….This is what her father owes her. DEAD BEAT SHAWN QUAY

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So, honey, what makes you think your daughter is college material? You don’t need a college degree to make sandwiches for some alcoholic for whom you spread your legs from a young age.

OK, maybe I was a little rough. Teach your daughter how to be a good wife and mother. This doesn’t cost a penny.

Sorry douche bag….my daughter is already enrolled in college and has been for some time now. Straight A student with goals. That’s who she is.
Sounds like you need an education instead of sitting on the Internet….possibly getting yourself a job making sandwiches would be a great job for you. Others have bigger goals. Get a life

Listen you slut, I did not attack you personally, but now I do. What kind of college is your spawn attending? Community college? What is her major? Data transcription? Why can’t your daughter work part-time and also study? Why can’t she take a loan? How come she doesn’t qualify for a scholarship? You see, the truth is you are a loser and your daughter will become a loser also, just like you. If you’d have read Nietzche (a philosopher), you would have learned that is the case. So here, I give you some free education, no need to thank me.
About my education, loser, I studied engineering, graduated, too, I have an MBA and I am an educator. I teach my students to be successful.

In your case, I don’t see any hope for you. You are already a bitter woman, and you will become an old fat bitter woman. It’s probably better you invest in a rope and go hang yourself somewhere in the woods where nobody can see and smell your ugly rotten decaying corpse.

i would have to agree with Jack Boot.
This woman is taking a guy who is already struggling to just keep his head above water, and pushing him down like the class bully. times are tough all over..

You all need to get a life! Jack Boot is in the process of being sued for his comments. Thank goodness this site cooperated with my lawyer in giving info. Have a super night

Holy.. those comments were uncalled for, it’s something how those who do little for their children (support those who do), become angry and lash out.. that was over board!! You keep being a good mom! We are also all for Good Dads!! Shawn and Kelly

It was very overboard. I have reported the comments and also have printed the comments out for my attorney. They are taking care of it :)
People who have low class opinions are scorned idiots with zero etiquette. I know who I am, and I am a damn good Mother to my daughter who excels at everything she does. I have taught her values and principles, something the other men who made rude comments don’t have. My daughter is a first responder and I believe in Karma. Wouldn’t that just be a shame if someday one of those rude people listed above had an emergency and my daughter had to save their life….and Karma just seemed to intervene.
Although my daughter is owed this money and will likely never see a dime of it, we can both hold our head up high knowing we are productive citizens with zero hatred in our hearts. We pay our bills. Word of advise, treat others as you’d wanna be treated.

This whole article is over board if you ask me. It does not say anything in here about the money that does get paid.As a matter of fact I over paid in september and october so you can quit slamming me . Also you are right melissa she probably wont ever see a dime of it but thats not my bad cause I pay it so thats on you!! At least I know that I am doing the right thing !!!

Mellisa dearest, you obviously have the brains of a chicken. Sue me? Do you think I’m stupid to list my real name on sites like these? Yeah, go ahead and waste your money on lawyers, because they sure do enjoy working for free. Take another lesson here, cookoo bird, it’s one thing to sue, another thing to win, and a whole different ball of wax to collect. You’re just going to embarrass yourself more and more by filing these statements in a public forum. Wouldn’t you be better off investing in a cheap bottle of liquor and drowning your sorrows, somewhere in some park or alley? Or better yet, run to the nearest mental hospital and demand to be immediately put in a straightjacket? You’re THAT crazy, honey.

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