Shit hot marine to lowlife deadbeat dad

Posted on : 20-03-2011 | By : TickdoffMomma | In : Deadbeat Dads, Ohio


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This guy had a child in November of 2007. Said he would take care of his baby girl for the rest of her life made sure she had everything. Where in the world does taking care of your baby girl entail no physical contact for two years and no verbal communication for one year? No child support since being kicked out of the USMC for drugs, no insurance for his child, and by golly NO ONE knows where this douschebag is!!!! The only info is he is from Ohio and currently lives SOMEWHERE in North Carolina. Keep a look out for this fool. Way past due on child support. What a waste of life.

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He now, also has another baby who is 9 months old. The mother of the two children are friends… Actually pretty good friends. Despite the situation they have come together because after all, it isn’t their fault he is POS. They are mature enough to come together for the kids! Go them!

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